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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
The Work Center09/15/2015 - Physical Performace test$1,440.001
The Work Center5000 - Feb Billing$300.001
The Work Center5001 - Physicals for Schmitt, Echele,harper, Crews$440.002
The Work Center5002 - Employee exam$110.001
The Work Center5003 - 38 People Duty Test$4,180.001
The Work Center5004 - 42 employee fit for suty test$4,620.001
The Work Center5005 - Fit for duty exams$880.001
The Work Center5006 - Fit for Duty , Bowles and Kell$220.001
The Work Center8000 - New employee test$150.001
The Work CenterBud Carrow - Back to work Exam$700.001
The Work CenterLarry Beauchamp - Back to work exam$700.001
The Work CenterS.Bruder - S,Bruder Physical$975.001
The Work CenterS.Penrod - Return to work exam S.Penrod$700.001
The Work CenterWilson- June 16 - Release to work Exam$700.001
Total $16,115.00 15