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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Target Bank12/31/2011 - house Supplies$573.921
Target Bank13530785967 - House supplies$196.461
Target Bank13530833239 - House Supplies$175.601
Target Bank13530841327 - house supplies$227.891
Target Bank13530844890 - house supplies$505.001
Target Bank25075411 - House supplies$52.191
Target Bank8273557 - House Supplies$573.921
Target BankCredit - Credit$-47.431
Target BankDec-2012 - House supplies$210.531
Target BankFeb-2011 - House Supplies /DS$634.201
Target BankFeb-2013 - House supplies$159.561
Target BankJune -2011 - Bowls,Grater,broil grill,pans,spoons Stock for H4$323.031
Target BankNov-2012 - House Supplies$210.531
Total $3,795.40 13