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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Reliable Office Supplies22200 - Office supplies$133.821
Reliable Office SuppliesCP988100 - legal pads,steno books,pens,briteliners$127.621
Reliable Office SuppliesCR738900 - brother black & color toner-R.Herin printer$259.441
Reliable Office SuppliesCRV14100 - toner-FP/markers/spray duster$82.632
Reliable Office SuppliesCRV14101 - backorder of label tape$45.981
Reliable Office SuppliesCTD98000 - Black and color printer ink/color paper/write-on tabs/index stock/adding mach.tape$188.471
Reliable Office SuppliesCV154800 - 74XL blk ink-J.Borgmann/85A-h#1/sharpies&highlighters-h#4$257.581
Reliable Office SuppliesCVP14500 - small and large legal pads/scissors/pencil cups$82.451
Reliable Office SuppliesCVZ20900 - notebooks/Canon Black ink 210XL-Nick Harper/bubble wrap$141.701
Reliable Office SuppliesCVZ20901 - backorder-asst color folders$1.481
Reliable Office SuppliesCVZ25598 - Discount code JW 20% off printer ink-CREDIT$-13.801
Reliable Office SuppliesCVZ59198 - tax removed from inv#CVP14500$-6.411
Reliable Office SuppliesCW350400 - copy paper/colored r.bands/bottle env.moistener$217.461
Reliable Office SuppliesCWG98798 - discount code PQ/inv.#CVZ20900$-20.001
Reliable Office SuppliesCWS61700 - HP901 tri-color and black ink-R.Echele/b.clips/r.bands$128.071
Reliable Office SuppliesCXN91200 - HP920XL ink- h#1/Canon PG-210XL ink - Michelle$210.141
Reliable Office SuppliesCXT68700 - blk refills 2pks$8.181
Reliable Office SuppliesCXZ28500 - h.file folder /tabs/flash drives/pop-up post-its$111.081
Reliable Office SuppliesCY642698 - return of HP933XL color ink-order sent wrong combo$-79.961
Reliable Office SuppliesCY642998 - HP ink 932XL black-part of wrong shipment returned$-65.461
Reliable Office SuppliesCYJ96701 - HP933XL cyan and magenta cartridges (2ea)$79.961
Reliable Office SuppliesCYJ96702 - HP932XL black ink (2)$65.461
Reliable Office SuppliesCYJ96704 - 2-HP933XL yellow ink cartridges$39.981
Reliable Office SuppliesCYZ72200 - Canon ink-210XL (2)/binder clips/hanging f. folders$108.271
Reliable Office SuppliesCZB66600 - D batteries/1" econ vw binders/tape dispensers$126.671
Reliable Office SuppliesCZG33698 - returned 2 yellow HP933XL ink cartridges-order mixup$-39.981
Reliable Office SuppliesCZN20800 - black and white 1" view binders (24)-stock and N.Harper$106.841
Reliable Office SuppliesCZR00098 - 12 black 1" view binders-missing from order$-51.481
Reliable Office SuppliesCZY55200 - HP Q6471A Cyan toner for F.Prev./pens/Misc$187.682
Reliable Office SuppliesCZY55201 - 2-brother TN-450 black toner for h#1 network printer$129.461
Reliable Office SuppliesDB105200 - name badges-CPR/red pens/pencil cups/wall calendars$127.751
Reliable Office SuppliesDB635200 - calculator-Leah/extension cords-stock-Nick/wall calendars$139.351
Reliable Office SuppliesDBK77700 - 5 cases copy paper/Canon 210XL ink-4/doz 1/2" binders$281.051
Reliable Office SuppliesDCL25800 - p.clip holders/HP901 color ink-R.Echele/pens-EMSreqyest$43.951
Reliable Office SuppliesDCL25801 - HP901 color twinpack for R.Echele-separate shipment$53.991
Reliable Office SuppliesDFP50400 - brother TN450/flair pens/red pens and sharpies$312.171
Reliable Office SuppliesDG870300 - Paper Mate Inkjoy black pens-metal clips for responders$17.421
Reliable Office SuppliesDG870301 - 211XL color ink-(4)$103.801
Reliable Office SuppliesDGM15600 - Misc. office supplies-tape,pens,p.clips,HP920XL ink,f.drives$197.621
Reliable Office SuppliesDH368900 - HP901 ink/HP920XL-color ink/ready tabs-Robin E.$124.761
Reliable Office SuppliesDK577400 - canon ink (8) 210XL / poly wave pocket folders$166.771
Reliable Office SuppliesDL586598 - One Gregg steno book-not ordered-Credit$-15.291
Reliable Office SuppliesDLH74000 - 920XL black(1),magenta(2),cyan(2),yellow(2) ink cartridges/binders$131.991
Reliable Office SuppliesDLP28200 - white and black paint pens-houses/inkjoy pens-black & blue$123.951
Reliable Office SuppliesDLS27398 - HP920XL yellow ink-not received on inv.DLH7400$-14.991
Reliable Office SuppliesDLT64100 - dz steno books/durable tabs/2 boxes reinforced file folders$83.641
Reliable Office SuppliesDLT64101 - Gregg steno book-one-returned for credit (donate)$15.291
Reliable Office SuppliesDM614300 - Notebooks/Sharpies/DVD-RW-30pk$86.851
Reliable Office SuppliesDM614301 - DVD-RW-R.Echele request$38.471
Reliable Office SuppliesDMB72100 - EZ start Tape dispensers plus bonus/Dust removers-10oz size$110.401
Reliable Office SuppliesDMW70600 - Metallic sharpies for houses/prong fasteners-b.packets/yellow popup postits$140.391
Reliable Office SuppliesDND54698 - premium prong fasteners-3"-50ct set$-14.491
Reliable Office SuppliesDND55400 - 3 inch fasteners for b.packets$14.491
Reliable Office Suppliesdpg22200 - Office supplies$133.421
Reliable Office SuppliesDtv41900 - HQ office supplies$149.471
Reliable Office Suppliesdvs16000 - Office supplies- Toner$112.471
Total $5,228.02 58