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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
RJP Electric11-772 - Installed Receptacles H1$825.001
RJP Electric22468 - repair ckt breaker$272.001
RJP Electric23034 - H5 Panel Tripping$89.001
RJP Electric23190 - H5 replace 2 breakers in panel$140.001
RJP Electric25200 - H5 Install Receptacle$694.001
RJP Electric29004 - FPB Water damage Repair$208.001
RJP Electric30224 - H3 replace circuit breaker$147.001
RJP Electric35588 - Maint- Bad Breaker$135.001
RJP Electric37129 - HQ pole lighting circuit$315.001
RJP Electric39767 - HQ Replace power for Ac Unit$531.001
Total $3,356.00 10