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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
SystemAire, Inc.36403 - h#1-repair 2 furnaces$1,355.001
SystemAire, Inc.36949 - Maint Bldg Heater Repair$687.651
SystemAire, Inc.37448 - Service to H2 Ac Unit$85.001
SystemAire, Inc.37916 - H2 Theromstat Repair$265.001
SystemAire, Inc.42569 - H1 Furnace and Air$11,370.002
SystemAire, Inc.43311 - HQ new air conditoner$5,766.001
SystemAire, Inc.46351 - H4 Heater maint$108.001
SystemAire, Inc.47443 - H3 service call on A/C$408.951
SystemAire, Inc.47929 - HQ Air Cond. Service$204.101
SystemAire, Inc.48361 - HQ Furnance$214.251
SystemAire, Inc.50419 - HQ Furance$8,988.001
SystemAire, Inc.53945 - HQ AC$376.001
SystemAire, Inc.54205 - H4 Furnace repair$357.001
SystemAire, Inc.54213 - H4 Ac repair$610.001
SystemAire, Inc.54305 - HQ AC repair$330.801
SystemAire, Inc.54508 - H5 repair to A/c$943.751
SystemAire, Inc.54840 - H1 Freon$301.001
SystemAire, Inc.54935 - Repair to Thermostat - H1$168.901
SystemAire, Inc.55360 - H1 AC repair$405.001
SystemAire, Inc.56491 - H4 furance repair$1,105.951
SystemAire, Inc.56529 - HQ gas leak service$350.001
SystemAire, Inc.56626 - HQ new Furnace$8,465.001
SystemAire, Inc.57098 - HQ Thermostat replacement$872.001
SystemAire, Inc.58103 - H3new board for AC$858.641
SystemAire, Inc.58661 - HQ install new leg to get to filter for Furnace$250.451
SystemAire, Inc.59171 - H4 Ac Repair$750.001
SystemAire, Inc.59205 - HQ Ac Repair$1,402.401
SystemAire, Inc.60199 - H3 2 Furnaces Repair$1,677.351
SystemAire, Inc.60303 - H1 Inducer motor$1,124.651
SystemAire, Inc.60363 - H5 Furnance repair$1,405.001
SystemAire, Inc.61055 - H4 Thermostat$445.751
SystemAire, Inc.62012 - House 1 AC Motor$1,949.601
SystemAire, Inc.62660 - H1 A/C repair$408.451
SystemAire, Inc.62681 - H5 AC$3,649.001
SystemAire, Inc.62687 - HQ AC Repair$140.701
Total $57,799.34 36