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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Snap On Industrial200103581 - Equipment for 2246$3,044.741
Snap On Industrial200515295 - Maint- Keys for tool boxes$15.001
Snap On Industrial28898414 - AC machine fitting$17.671
Snap On Industrial28903520 - Scan tool software upgrade for Maint$783.521
Snap On Industrial28971222 - Scan tool for battery$95.681
Snap On Industrial29416541 - A/C machine filter for Maint$91.571
Snap On Industrial32586859 - Shop Tools$53.671
Snap On Industrialarv 31689408 - Shop tools$76.101
Snap On Industrialarv-18636444 - Key replacement for Maint$5.411
Snap On Industrialarv-18636445 - Repair tool for Maint$15.001
Snap On IndustrialARV-22345040 - Air Conditioning machine for Maint$5,185.791
Snap On IndustrialARV/21991356 - Maint Diesel engine tool$979.991
Snap On Industrialarv/247566655 - Maint tool box$697.961
Snap On Industrialarv15571695 - Tools for Maint$69.841
Snap On IndustrialARV15651997 - Shop Engine tool$382.501
Total $11,514.44 15