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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Mr. Goodcents04/13/2011 - Lunch/new hire process 2 Days$169.971
Mr. Goodcents07/30/2015 - luncheon for P.Renner$30.991
Mr. Goodcents10/03/2016- - Trench Rescue$31.841
Mr. Goodcents11 - YOS awards Lunch$348.551
Mr. Goodcents11/15/2016 - Rescue trench training$79.241
Mr. Goodcents11/16/2016 - Trench rescue training$132.301
Mr. Goodcents11/17/2016 - Rescue trench training$157.111
Mr. Goodcents11331 - Training$106.891
Mr. Goodcents11541 - Training$17.911
Mr. Goodcents20003 - Thursday air show$100.001
Mr. Goodcents20005 - Thursday Air show$40.001
Mr. Goodcents24323 - Thursday Air show$30.001
Mr. Goodcents24325 - Thursday air show$40.001
Mr. Goodcents24359 - Sat Airshow$20.001
Mr. Goodcents25745 - Training$88.701
Mr. Goodcents29274 - Training$58.201
Mr. Goodcents9 - Oct,Nov,Dec. ACLS classes-lunc$148.341
Mr. GoodcentsDec- 2013 - Staff Luncheon$81.481
Mr. GoodcentsFeb-2012 - Temp aide Lunch$98.911
Mr. GoodcentsJan-2013 - 2232 Training Lunches$91.261
Mr. GoodcentsMarch-2012 - Bc Testing$62.691
Mr. GoodcentsNov-2011 - Strike force Lunch$75.601
Mr. GoodcentsNov-2011-1 - Captain Testing Lunches$67.941
Mr. GoodcentsOct-2011 - 10/4 and 10/05 Captains Testing lunches$97.231
Mr. GoodcentsOct-2011-1 - Mutual aide for Coverage for Kenny G Funeral$128.351
Mr. GoodcentsOct-2016 - 3 Food for Days of training SCT Shoring$241.641
Total $2,545.14 26