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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Mike Kaufman11/19 MTG - Security Worksession - Escort$112.501
Mike Kaufman11/22 MTG - Security Open Meeting$87.501
Mike Kaufman12/9 MTg - 8-Noon worksession security$125.001
Mike KaufmanAug Sec Mtg - Security Mtg$87.501
Mike Kaufmanck 2450 Dec Sec - ck 2450 Dec Security$150.001
Mike KaufmanFeb - Feb Security Open Meeting$50.001
Mike KaufmanJan 03 Open MTg - SECURITY OPEN MEETING$50.001
Mike KaufmanJan Open - Security Open Meeting$75.001
Mike KaufmanMarch Open - Open Meeting Security$87.501
Mike KaufmanMay - Security May Meeting PC 2363$150.001
Mike KaufmanOpen mtg July - 1 hr open meeting$50.001
Mike KaufmanSept Mtg - Sec for mtg$87.501
Total $1,112.50 12