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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Montgomery Bank0011-NH--01 - Medical supplies - Rehab wipes _ EMS$260.001
Montgomery Bank0012- NH - Captain camp Lunch$80.281
Montgomery Bank0012-Chief - Light bar -2200$163.891
Montgomery Bank0013- JM - Storage Crates$12.001
Montgomery Bank0013-JM - adaptar$9.991
Montgomery Bank0015-NH - Lunches for Hiring process$163.271
Montgomery Bank0016-NH - Lunches for Hiring process$104.621
Montgomery Bank0017-RE - exam prep books- All stations$675.631
Montgomery Bank0026- RW - H5 and Maint Paint$178.951
Montgomery Bank0027-Les - Boat Parts$221.801
Montgomery Bank0029- Randy - H3 Microwave repair$50.001
Montgomery Bank0031-RW - H2 Bathroom Motor$96.611
Montgomery Bank0033-Chief - Lunch for Handbook meeting$49.791
Montgomery Bank0033-Randy - Welding supplies - Maint$153.701
Montgomery Bank0035- Randy - H5 Part for microwave$12.001
Montgomery Bank0035-JM - software subscription$99.001
Montgomery Bank0037- JM - Preplan software$1,477.001
Montgomery Bank0037-Cary - Flu shots$359.401
Montgomery Bank0037-JM - Portable battery pack for Iphones for stock$26.991
Montgomery Bank0037-RE - Resist a bands - Training supplies$12.981
Montgomery Bank0037-RE--01 - Training -$19.591
Montgomery Bank0038-RH - 2280 Plan Review tables$610.001
Montgomery Bank0039-Re - WFS Class R.Echele$115.001
Montgomery Bank0049-JM - March Billing$369.001
Montgomery Bank0051--JM - Feb Billing for Voice pro$250.001
Montgomery Bank0058-CS - M.Depew GFOA Conf$92.561
Montgomery Bank0065- RE--01 - Hr Training workshop CDS$899.001
Montgomery Bank0065-JM - Network Cloud back up$499.501
Montgomery Bank0065-RE - SD Cards - Training$32.541
Montgomery Bank0073- RE - Fire and emergency services - Instructor - Training$205.501
Montgomery Bank0073-LC - Credit from charge from Garmin on last months bill$-3,082.991
Montgomery Bank0075- Chief - Tac medic pins$112.001
Montgomery Bank0075-Re - 4 Lunches for testing day driver operator$25.091
Montgomery Bank0081-JM - Upgrade network Cloud software$506.841
Montgomery Bank0086-Chief - Tac Medic Tag$121.751
Montgomery Bank0086-LC - Garmin$2,239.921
Montgomery Bank0093-RE - New Engineer books for all stations$385.001
Montgomery Bank0108- Chief - 2216 Odometer Calibation$54.301
Montgomery Bank0113-RE--01 - Ice for Training$4.491
Montgomery Bank0114- Randy - Repair to fence at TT$175.001
Montgomery Bank0114-JM - Cloud backup software$1,454.571
Montgomery Bank0116-NH - FDIC Breakfast$18.101
Montgomery Bank0126- Randy - dishwasher H5$97.501
Montgomery Bank0133-Randy - H2 Dishwasher reapir$260.201
Montgomery Bank0134-Randy - h4 parts for shower$15.001
Montgomery Bank0136-NH - Captain Camp Lunch$81.491
Montgomery Bank0137- JM - battery back ups for Admin PC's$532.351
Montgomery Bank0139-Randy - dishwasher H5$97.501
Montgomery Bank0141- RW - H1 Dishwasher$97.501
Montgomery Bank0149-RE - Lodging for Conf- Columbia$52.621
Montgomery Bank0169- RH - National Emergency Class- N.Brockmiller$164.501
Montgomery Bank0170-JM - IPAD mounts for 2282 for stock$59.901
Montgomery Bank0172-RE - State Evaluators lunch$31.931
Montgomery Bank0177-RW - Paint for HQ$63.981
Montgomery Bank0182-Randy - Maint- Chair$59.991
Montgomery Bank0190-jm - weather app for special Ops$5.981
Montgomery Bank0194- Cary - Lunch for Lockdown day due to Ballwin cop shooting$130.041
Montgomery Bank02/21-2017 - Interest that will be refunded$78.671
Montgomery Bank0208-JM - Voice pro$131.001
Montgomery Bank0208-JM--01 - 3 Flat panel Mon/mounts for BC office ,misc IT supplies$177.751
Montgomery Bank0212-Randy - Chairs$24.991
Montgomery Bank0214-RE - HR Conf M.Harris$87.011
Montgomery Bank0215- Randy - Swivel for H4$30.001
Montgomery Bank0229-JM - Voice pro monthly maint$250.001
Montgomery Bank0237-JM - Voice pro monthly$250.001
Montgomery Bank0240-LC - Lodging for LC for Conf$305.741
Montgomery Bank0246-LC - Magnetic veh$73.951
Montgomery Bank0246-RH - 07/24/16 2206 FMAM conf Breakfast$5.261
Montgomery Bank0247-Chief - 2016 Winter Fire School$170.001
Montgomery Bank0249-Cary - GFOA Fall Conf - Lodging$280.351
Montgomery Bank0258-RE - Instructor working Lunch$93.081
Montgomery Bank0270-JM - Manfrotto Mini tripod$18.991
Montgomery Bank0270-RW - H4 Plumbing supplies$55.951
Montgomery Bank0277-NH - Admin - Flowers$129.391
Montgomery Bank0279-Cary - Lodging for D.Osburg Training Class$526.241
Montgomery Bank0280-RE - Do Testing Lunches$34.311
Montgomery Bank0309-RE - Instructor books - Training$714.001
Montgomery Bank0314-RE - Instructor book$296.001
Montgomery Bank0321-CS - headset reapir for 2232$68.501
Montgomery Bank0344-RH - GIS Software renewal$100.001
Montgomery Bank0360-RH - 2206 FMAM Conf Lunch$5.261
Montgomery Bank0370-JM - Pager For WC Consultant$26.941
Montgomery Bank0375 - David Clark- Head sets$904.851
Montgomery Bank0399-RE - Schmitt- FDIC 2016$50.001
Montgomery Bank04/20/2017 - Interst - reversal$8.081
Montgomery Bank04/21 - interest reversal$-86.751
Montgomery Bank0406-JM - apple charging cables , USB extenders for stock$156.881
Montgomery Bank0410-RH - 2206 FMAM Con 107/24/16 dinner$5.781
Montgomery Bank0416- CS - PR - Chesterfield Chamber Items$74.911
Montgomery Bank0421-RH - L.Schwartz FMAM Conf$230.001
Montgomery Bank0423- RE - Long FDIC 2016$50.001
Montgomery Bank0432-LC - Credit from Amazon - Les$-259.141
Montgomery Bank0436- LC - Air show$60.321
Montgomery Bank0451-Les - Lunch for Boat training$68.291
Montgomery Bank0456-RE - k.Mccullogh 2016 FDIC$545.001
Montgomery Bank0458-Les - Lunch Boat training$75.321
Montgomery Bank0482-JM - weather app for 2209$6.991
Montgomery Bank0483-RH - Lodging for Z.Fuchs Conf$399.841
Montgomery Bank0498-RE - Credit back For FDIC charge$-620.001
Montgomery Bank0500-RW - Food for Snyder funeral - move up$33.721
Montgomery Bank0506-RH - Lodgining (3) Nights KS Arson task force Conf - Z.Fuchs$316.321
Montgomery Bank0522- JM - Usb Chargers and Cables$71.911
Montgomery Bank0539-District - Paypal trans fee$0.801
Montgomery Bank0539-RH - 2016 Missouri Sprinkler Summit - FPB$40.001
Montgomery Bank0549- RH - FPB conf Lunch$15.581
Montgomery Bank0559-CS - Batteries$654.791
Montgomery Bank0566- JM - Software$107.451
Montgomery Bank0615 - USB cord -$4.191
Montgomery Bank0619-JM - Video Cables$28.371
Montgomery Bank0627-CS - 2201 SCBA$49.951
Montgomery Bank0630-Randy - plumbing Misc$25.651
Montgomery Bank0642- RE - GPS app$1.991
Montgomery Bank0649-RE - Video software and storage$238.641
Montgomery Bank0661- RE - New Hire process Lunch 07/20/16$71.991
Montgomery Bank0702- JM - inventor for 2202$139.991
Montgomery Bank0734-RH - Z.Fuchs IBC Class$69.571
Montgomery Bank0741-Randy - h3 Service for Drain line$128.001
Montgomery Bank0787-NH - Lunch for Tx Conf$9.721
Montgomery Bank08/17/2016 - Charge we will get credit on next statement$35.001
Montgomery Bank08/19/2016 - Charge we will get credit on next statement$76.691
Montgomery Bank08/24/16 - Credit for late fee$-35.001
Montgomery Bank08/24/16--01 - Credit for interest$-0.101
Montgomery Bank08/30/2016 - Credit for Interest$-76.691
Montgomery Bank08/31/2016 - interest reversal$-0.121
Montgomery Bank0800-RE - Hr Conf Lodging - M.Harris$548.241
Montgomery Bank0818- Cary - Chips for J.Wilcox luncheon$19.761
Montgomery Bank0827-JM - UPS for 2206$109.951
Montgomery Bank0829-Chief - Lodging for chief Conf$163.371
Montgomery Bank0842- JM - UPS power supplies - charging cables , surge protectors$68.311
Montgomery Bank0847-Cary - Retirement Luncheon for J. Wilcox$439.761
Montgomery Bank0865-JM - Battery Pack$51.591
Montgomery Bank0870-JM - cables$24.311
Montgomery Bank0877-RH - FPB- PO luncheoon$65.201
Montgomery Bank0881-CS - EMS- Keys for safe$15.001
Montgomery Bank0896- JM - flashlight$120.161
Montgomery Bank0896-JM - 2 Iphone cases$49.761
Montgomery Bank09/17/17 - Pending reversal$35.001
Montgomery Bank09/20/2017 - Pending reversal$122.531
Montgomery Bank0926- CS - ACLS Class for Cary$120.001
Montgomery Bank0932-JM - av adaptors$15.981
Montgomery Bank0952-JM - Magnetic mounts for vehicles - phines$59.951
Montgomery Bank0955-RH - 2206 Conf Fuel$30.001
Montgomery Bank0987-JM - ballistic iphone cases for 2280 and stock$27.981
Montgomery Bank0988-RH - Expedia booking fee$7.001
Montgomery Bank0991-Randy - H3 Bathroom$285.271
Montgomery Bank10-16/2017 - Credit reversal of fees$-35.001
Montgomery Bank10-16/2017-01 - Reversal of Interest$-122.531
Montgomery Bank10/02/17 - Foreign trans fee$1.191
Montgomery Bank1007- Randy - H3 Bathroom$5.451
Montgomery Bank1015-Randy - HQ Bathroom$3.241
Montgomery Bank1031-Randy - H3 Bathroom$20.491
Montgomery Bank1033- JM - Safety Fair Supplies$10.781
Montgomery Bank1100 JM - Hard Drive$254.991
Montgomery Bank1131- JM - Fire Prevention Coolers$49.961
Montgomery Bank1141- Randy - H5 Faucet$74.761
Montgomery Bank1154- CS - Subscription for Firehouse$29.001
Montgomery Bank1158 -RH - Vision 20/20 Conf Flight Z.Fuchs$251.201
Montgomery Bank1162- Randy - Loose equipment for 2224$1,076.741
Montgomery Bank1188-LC - Garmin Carrying case$119.041
Montgomery Bank1196-JM - Pager$11.961
Montgomery Bank1220-RE - L.Penrod Stl Trauma rapid grounds Class$18.001
Montgomery Bank1268-LC - FDIC Lodging$198.851
Montgomery Bank1279-CS - Credit for Engine house Training$-175.001
Montgomery Bank1297-CS - Elevator key$16.841
Montgomery Bank1326-Randy - H1 Dryer$148.001
Montgomery Bank1348- CS - H1 barbell collars$107.851
Montgomery Bank1351-JM - 2209 Ipad harness for 2209$62.001
Montgomery Bank1358- RH - Conf Lunch- Fpb$5.821
Montgomery Bank1368-CS - Lunch for District reps Arbitration$23.751
Montgomery Bank1373-Randy - plumbing Misc$6.321
Montgomery Bank1382- RE - S.Kirdy ACLS class$132.001
Montgomery Bank1386- RE - Cooler ,water and Ice for Training$32.351
Montgomery Bank1406-NH - 2016 PDR$77.901
Montgomery Bank1413-CS - Work session 09/09/2017$9.181
Montgomery Bank1416-Randy - Golf cart Fuel$6.211
Montgomery Bank1459-RE - FDIC R.adams lodging$918.451
Montgomery Bank1468- RH - Z.Fuchs Airfare for conf$332.201
Montgomery Bank1473-CS - Charge for Class for Engine house we received a credit$175.001
Montgomery Bank1474- Chief - Background Check$12.251
Montgomery Bank1490-JM - cables charging blocks abd adaptors for stock$211.071
Montgomery Bank1516-RE - DO testing$40.201
Montgomery Bank1531- RE - S.Ousley Pract. Anatomy class$325.001
Montgomery Bank1532-RE - NRS- workboot wetshoes$79.951
Montgomery Bank1542-CS - CCE911 Meeting Refreshments$19.681
Montgomery Bank1548-RE - NRS Workboot wet Shoe$79.951
Montgomery Bank1558-JM - portable batteries for stock$59.991
Montgomery Bank1559-Chief - Chief Conf$104.061
Montgomery Bank1592- Chief - Protective Vest$196.741
Montgomery Bank1607- Chief - Lodging for Chief Conf - Branson$156.001
Montgomery Bank1635-CS - Relays for Aerial power supply for 2232$292.871
Montgomery Bank1636-Chief - Chief Conf$65.971
Montgomery Bank1638-JM - IPAD pro replacement$783.001
Montgomery Bank1653-CS - GFOA Conf Lodging M.Depew$289.841
Montgomery Bank1667- Chief - Fuel for Rental car for smeal trip$15.571
Montgomery Bank1670-JM - 4 Monitors$739.961
Montgomery Bank1673- RE--01 - Lodging for N.Smith FDIC$551.071
Montgomery Bank1673-LC - Fuel -LC$10.001
Montgomery Bank1685- RH - FPB PR supplies$45.521
Montgomery Bank1696-LC - UAV Props$116.521
Montgomery Bank1713-LC - Repair to boat$447.811
Montgomery Bank1722-RE - R. Echele room for 2 nights winter fire school$207.901
Montgomery Bank1727-RH - FPB protective clothing$324.081
Montgomery Bank1737- Chief - Parking FDIC$6.001
Montgomery Bank1768-RH - 2016 Fire Marshal's Fall Training$390.001
Montgomery Bank1776-Randy - H3 fridge$209.001
Montgomery Bank1801-JM - Active 911 License$12.581
Montgomery Bank1802- Les - Training$80.081
Montgomery Bank1808-LC - Lodging- Jeff city$89.881
Montgomery Bank1823- JM - 2 iphone cases$59.981
Montgomery Bank1824- RH - Lodging for J.Gaylord Permit conf$279.721
Montgomery Bank1844-RE - SSM Class Hornbuckle$90.001
Montgomery Bank1847- Randy - H5 Bathroom$24.291
Montgomery Bank1874- Randy - HQ Fridge service call$100.001
Montgomery Bank1883-RW - Toilet H5 Parts$8.421
Montgomery Bank1887-JM - software books cables and Chargers$216.571
Montgomery Bank1889-RE - 2207 Conf Lodging$533.571
Montgomery Bank1943-RH - Lodging FPB Conf$366.811
Montgomery Bank1955-JM - connectors , inventer,adapter/transmitter mobile storage$184.431
Montgomery Bank1972- JM - Ipads for stock$1,956.001
Montgomery Bank1973-Cary - Dry Suits Repair$191.831
Montgomery Bank1981-RE - NAEMT 19 Students @ $10.00$190.001
Montgomery Bank1988- Re - Exam Prep for Fire apparatus$216.121
Montgomery Bank2005 CS - N.Harper conf for MAA$170.001
Montgomery Bank2005-CS - MAA ICE class for Harper and Spiegel$600.001
Montgomery Bank2009-JM - Active 911 Subscription$13.061
Montgomery Bank2024- JM - visio software for 2281$178.971
Montgomery Bank2026-JM - Cables and adaptars for stock$107.801
Montgomery Bank2029-RH - 2016 Bulding code class for FPB$150.001
Montgomery Bank2047-RE - Ice for testing$4.491
Montgomery Bank2048-CS - MO Ambulance - ICE Conf$230.001
Montgomery Bank2065-RH - K.Kowalewski Mechanical code class$125.001
Montgomery Bank2066-CS - Credit from MO ambulance$-115.001
Montgomery Bank2085-CS - I.C.E. Class C.Speigel$195.001
Montgomery Bank2098-RW - Desk mats for HQ$69.991
Montgomery Bank2100-JM - Monthly Lease for Aug billing$250.001
Montgomery Bank2112- CS - Flight for Dan Osburg for training$173.801
Montgomery Bank2135- Les - Map$15.901
Montgomery Bank2145-JM - HDMI cable$14.991
Montgomery Bank2151-RW - H2 Oven$176.001
Montgomery Bank2167-RE - Hd Video Recorder and Accessories$992.601
Montgomery Bank2176- NH - EMS Conf Flight- N.Harper$769.961
Montgomery Bank2192- JM - Speakers and Printer for stock$272.941
Montgomery Bank2199-JM - 2 Iphone headphones adaptors for stock$27.981
Montgomery Bank2214-Chief - Lodging for FDIC - Marsonette and Hammer$1,026.061
Montgomery Bank2222-Chief - Lodging FDIC for Schmitt and Long$1,026.061
Montgomery Bank2233-JM - It- phone cases$90.211
Montgomery Bank2283-Randy - Credit for return$-13.161
Montgomery Bank2291- LC - Fuel- Osage Beach$35.001
Montgomery Bank2291-LC - 2 lights for Boat$165.961
Montgomery Bank2327-LC - LCD Monitor$654.971
Montgomery Bank2371- Re - Conf Dinner - Training R.Echele$17.361
Montgomery Bank2374-Chief - Lunch for Air show Committee Farris,Long, Crews and Marsonette$39.121
Montgomery Bank2376-JM - Amazon prime membership$99.001
Montgomery Bank2383- ED Fassler - Gloves for Stock$245.471
Montgomery Bank2383-Chief - FFAm Conf- Tan Tara$34.431
Montgomery Bank2467-Cary - UPS -$40.681
Montgomery Bank2527-RH - FPb NFPA class$161.221
Montgomery Bank2553- RE - Usar SOG Guides$76.551
Montgomery Bank2610-RH - R.Herin MO Fire Sprinkler Summit$43.191
Montgomery Bank2625- RH - MFMA Membership for FPB$150.001
Montgomery Bank2638-Chief - License Tag for staff cars$3,590.001
Montgomery Bank2648- RE - T.Troup Class- Pract. Anatomy$325.001
Montgomery Bank2660- NH - FDIC - Lodging$244.531
Montgomery Bank2661-Randy - HQ Gasket for plumbing$8.421
Montgomery Bank2683- Les - go to metting class$51.071
Montgomery Bank2699-JM - printers for rE and new insector$129.991
Montgomery Bank2744-JM - Ipad mount and replacement printer for Shanna$227.941
Montgomery Bank2747-RH - MFMA class FPB$275.001
Montgomery Bank2760-JM - Router for training center$65.491
Montgomery Bank2768-RW - Ice machine H5$295.261
Montgomery Bank2777-JM - Credit$-129.991
Montgomery Bank2790- Les - 25 Attendees for got to meeting class$436.701
Montgomery Bank2814- RH - NFPA fire inspector and Certified fire plan examiner Re-certi$150.001
Montgomery Bank2816- RW - H1 washer repair$59.001
Montgomery Bank2821-RE - M.Harris for HR Conf$595.001
Montgomery Bank2846-CS - M.Harris HR Conf Lodging$662.801
Montgomery Bank2855- JM - printer$39.991
Montgomery Bank2873-JM - GPS Mounts$72.211
Montgomery Bank2875-RH - FPB Conf Lodging$489.081
Montgomery Bank2906- RH - Vision 20/20 class Z.Fuchs$150.001
Montgomery Bank2907-CS - Flight for D, Osburg for training class$203.801
Montgomery Bank2923- CS - Bagles for hearning on 04/14/2016$19.651
Montgomery Bank2939- JM - return$129.991
Montgomery Bank2940-NH - Rental car for Conf In TX$285.011
Montgomery Bank2958-RH - Lodging for FPB conf$366.811
Montgomery Bank2959-LC - Credit for amazom prime$-99.001
Montgomery Bank2967-JM - battery pack$19.991
Montgomery Bank2988-Randy - knobs for Grill H3$10.691
Montgomery Bank3002- RE - SCBA replacement$531.661
Montgomery Bank3002-RE - Training Supplies$19.531
Montgomery Bank3002-RE--01 - S.Bruder Pract. Anatomy class$325.001
Montgomery Bank3065-NH - Rental car for Conf TX$54.311
Montgomery Bank3123-JM - 2281 Software license$100.001
Montgomery Bank3129-JM - Card Readers - IT$139.981
Montgomery Bank3134- LC - Credit$-359.651
Montgomery Bank3159- RW - 2292 Hose$292.891
Montgomery Bank3182-JM - FPB Pr$31.851
Montgomery Bank3206-RH - FMAM Conf for FPB$650.001
Montgomery Bank3208-JM - Iphone case - IT$12.331
Montgomery Bank3210-JM - IT misc$99.191
Montgomery Bank3250-CS - 12/2/16 arbitration breakfast$15.801
Montgomery Bank3263- NH - Background Check - HR$13.251
Montgomery Bank3266-RE - FDIC Lodging for Echele,Weiss,Smith ,Hotop and Kwiatkowski$3,162.601
Montgomery Bank3267-JM - cables for 2209$19.441
Montgomery Bank3276- NH - Patches sewn on to EMS bags for Airshow$90.001
Montgomery Bank3280-JM - FPB supplies _ PR$15.601
Montgomery Bank3280-NH - G,Farris EMS class Greater St Louis$75.001
Montgomery Bank3318- Chief - Phone case - Charger 2200$107.411
Montgomery Bank3366-Randy - Igniter kit for Grill H3$24.351
Montgomery Bank3371-JM - spare camera battery$19.991
Montgomery Bank3399-Randy - Randy Plumbing Misc$36.691
Montgomery Bank3406-RW - H5 plumbing supplies$37.401
Montgomery Bank3428-RH - Credit For seminar$-150.001
Montgomery Bank3435-LC - work session 08/26/2017$12.311
Montgomery Bank3442-RW - H5 Plumbing/Handle repair$3.501
Montgomery Bank3444-JM - District Amazon prime yearly memebership$99.001
Montgomery Bank3462- Randy - H2 Chair$89.991
Montgomery Bank3465- NH - PMA - HR Memebrships 2016-2017$109.001
Montgomery Bank3487-JM - Voltage meter docking station$44.381
Montgomery Bank3498- JM - Dual usb drive$47.951
Montgomery Bank3509- Chief - Employee background check$13.251
Montgomery Bank3520-RE--01 - Ice- Training$4.511
Montgomery Bank3539-JM - We received Credit on this charge - it was a wash$229.611
Montgomery Bank3540-RE - Partial Pay for FDIC 2016 Hotop$50.001
Montgomery Bank3542- JM - Credit$-229.611
Montgomery Bank3588-LC - Fuel - meeting KC MO$39.501
Montgomery Bank3613- Chief - Amb repair - blower motor$233.351
Montgomery Bank3614- Chief - FMAM Conf,Herin , Brockmiller and Marsonette Lunch$56.591
Montgomery Bank3614-RE - FDIC B.Hotop$495.001
Montgomery Bank3620-Re - Ice$4.201
Montgomery Bank3627-JM - Drill/Driver fro equipment removal$149.001
Montgomery Bank3634- JM - Adaptors, USB and Hubs for stock$139.881
Montgomery Bank3651-RH - 2206 FMAM Conf Lodging 2016$480.841
Montgomery Bank3672-RE - 2208 Fuel Conf$25.001
Montgomery Bank3677-Chief - Chief Reimbursed the District$1,011.211
Montgomery Bank3682- RE - Amazon - instructor 1 and 2 Exam prep$55.181
Montgomery Bank3686-RE - Credit to R.Echele from Hilton Hotel$-60.891
Montgomery Bank3706-CS - Test books for Future Consideration for EMS$71.901
Montgomery Bank3726- RH - Credit adjustment - HuLu$-7.991
Montgomery Bank3730- RE - 10 Fire Cales$338.951
Montgomery Bank3733-NH - N.Harper Dinner at Conf$24.891
Montgomery Bank3743-RE - Training- FOG$24.001
Montgomery Bank3764- Chief - FMAM conference July -2016$225.001
Montgomery Bank3774-JM - HDMI cables for stock and USB dock for stock$97.341
Montgomery Bank3777-Chief - Conf - Air Fare$614.971
Montgomery Bank3795-RE - Parking FDIC$30.001
Montgomery Bank3818-RH - 2281 FMAM Lodging Conf 2016$379.861
Montgomery Bank3836- LC - Fire Engineer Subscription$75.001
Montgomery Bank3843-JM - software app$19.901
Montgomery Bank3856-Randy - portable heater Maint$81.461
Montgomery Bank3859- JM - ICC Certi Renewal - FPB$110.001
Montgomery Bank3871-JM - HDMI cable$9.991
Montgomery Bank3881- LC - Lodging for M.Depew GFOA$240.421
Montgomery Bank3885-JM - Car Charger for tablet$13.991
Montgomery Bank3904-RE - Gatorade for training$9.441
Montgomery Bank3928- JM - Wireless hub - IT$49.991
Montgomery Bank3937-RW - HQ plant$40.001
Montgomery Bank3949-Jm - cables, Chargers and Av adaptors$156.791
Montgomery Bank3960- CS--01 - Head set Repair - David Clark$114.751
Montgomery Bank4022-JM - mapping software for 2281$100.001
Montgomery Bank4032-JM - Turnout gear bags$179.912
Montgomery Bank4048- Chief - Lodging for FMAM Conf$360.631
Montgomery Bank4066-JM - protective cases for stock$69.951
Montgomery Bank4069-Randy - Training Babler state park$647.381
Montgomery Bank4119-Randy - Clear Acrylic for Fair - FPB$126.401
Montgomery Bank4132-RW - HQ Plumbing Cap$13.341
Montgomery Bank4137-JM - 1 laptop for stock, labtop for 2207$1,000.001
Montgomery Bank4175-CS - Back ground check B.Eike$13.251
Montgomery Bank4179-NH - H1 Treadmill$3,944.001
Montgomery Bank4214- Chief - Fuel FDIC$41.801
Montgomery Bank4231-RW - Rock for the training tower$551.661
Montgomery Bank4239- LC - Garmin Equipment - Will get the refund on next bill$946.931
Montgomery Bank4239- LC--01 - Garmin equipment - Will get refund on next bill$2,840.781
Montgomery Bank4301-JM - Pager monthly charge$27.541
Montgomery Bank4311-JM - Active 911 Subscription upgrade$10.371
Montgomery Bank4325-RE - J.Blocker Stl trauma grand rounds Class$18.001
Montgomery Bank4331- RE - Training set shoring training - Water/Soda$18.851
Montgomery Bank4335-CS - GFOA conf for M.Depew - lodging$289.841
Montgomery Bank4346- RH - PFFIA Conf R.Herin$288.091
Montgomery Bank4381- LC - Fed ex - Wash- received credit for$19.431
Montgomery Bank4383- RH - Credit adjustment from - HuLu$-7.991
Montgomery Bank4383-RH - charge that hotel accidentaly charged the district- Reimbursed$7.991
Montgomery Bank4394-LC - Credit for Fed ex$-19.431
Montgomery Bank4407-LC - ID badge holders$17.971
Montgomery Bank4420-RW - H4 Fuel pump and Filters for Generator$245.761
Montgomery Bank4423- JM - IPAD cases/mounts and audio cables$266.941
Montgomery Bank4426-JM - iphone cases$199.961
Montgomery Bank4429-JM - Dvr for security cameras$279.991
Montgomery Bank4448-RE - Training supplies$35.761
Montgomery Bank4454- CS - Command staff mtg - Breakfast$13.381
Montgomery Bank4471-RE - Rescue Gloves - Training supplies$117.961
Montgomery Bank4474- LC - Tac Gear$32.291
Montgomery Bank4480- NH - Fuel for 2207 KC trip$44.911
Montgomery Bank4485-JM - Phone maint- July Billing$250.001
Montgomery Bank4514-RE - Staple gun - Training$25.991
Montgomery Bank4519-JM - May Billing with Voice Pro$250.001
Montgomery Bank4522-JM - GPS software apps$29.901
Montgomery Bank4548-JM - Charger power strips and tripod mount$132.341
Montgomery Bank4561-NH - Vehicle Title$34.251
Montgomery Bank4562-RE - M.Pijut Stl Trauma Grand rounds class$18.001
Montgomery Bank4582-Randy - Maint Phone line$94.991
Montgomery Bank4593- NH - 2016 Shift Calendars$404.251
Montgomery Bank4594- CS - Spartan Chassis Traing class for D.Osburg$540.001
Montgomery Bank4608-LC - Dinner for Conf$22.551
Montgomery Bank462--JM - incident note app for 2209$4.991
Montgomery Bank4626-JM - 2 Headboards for BC bunk$184.401
Montgomery Bank4651- JM - IT Misc$10.881
Montgomery Bank4695- RE - SD cards training$54.231
Montgomery Bank4700-NH - L.Walsh GFOA Lodging$133.351
Montgomery Bank4708-JM - software app$3.991
Montgomery Bank4713-CS - HR Conf _ M.Harris$345.001
Montgomery Bank4730-NH - Fuel - FDIC$42.701
Montgomery Bank4774- RH - K.Kowalewski Recert - Fire inspector$150.001
Montgomery Bank4791-RH - MFMA - 2016 Membership - FPB$150.001
Montgomery Bank4824- JM - GPS Replacement Disc$9.731
Montgomery Bank4879-Chief - FMAM Conf Dinner$36.691
Montgomery Bank4894-JM - cases mounts and Chargers for surface pro labtop$402.832
Montgomery Bank4909-JM - software and Email spam filter$1,080.001
Montgomery Bank4934-RH - 2206 FMAM Conf Dinner 07/26/16$36.591
Montgomery Bank4954-NH - Fuel FDIC$22.001
Montgomery Bank4971-CS - Luncheon for Admin Day$142.421
Montgomery Bank5006-RH - Hulu - Amount in dispute$7.991
Montgomery Bank5035-NH - Fuel FDIC$6.001
Montgomery Bank5047-RE - S.Heine Pract. Anatomy class$325.001
Montgomery Bank5052-RE - cable and Charger- Training supplies$40.081
Montgomery Bank5061-Randy - H2 Chair$49.991
Montgomery Bank5142- Randy - H1 Repair kit$13.051
Montgomery Bank5146-JM - active 911 Subscription$5.071
Montgomery Bank5164- RW - Transformer for Power washer - Maint$210.501
Montgomery Bank5167- NH - Phone case 2207$54.181
Montgomery Bank5180- RH - network switches for data$420.171
Montgomery Bank5181-RE - Ice$4.851
Montgomery Bank5198-JM - HDMI cable$14.991
Montgomery Bank5212-JM - Software apps fpr the trucks$99.901
Montgomery Bank5220-LC - Web conference$426.281
Montgomery Bank5238- CS - David Clark headsets$178.151
Montgomery Bank5241-RE - Fuel 2208 Conf$30.001
Montgomery Bank5250-JM - Automatic payment - Pager$26.951
Montgomery Bank5256- Chief - Lodging for Chief Conf- Columbia$384.511
Montgomery Bank5282-JM - Magnetic phone mounts for vehicles$59.951
Montgomery Bank5301-RE - R.Echele meal FDIC$13.591
Montgomery Bank5314-LC - lunch for Conf$7.081
Montgomery Bank5322-CS - Lodging for N.Harper for Conf$515.921
Montgomery Bank5379-RE - Ice for training$4.721
Montgomery Bank5385-CS - N.Harper IAFC 2017 Memebership$234.001
Montgomery Bank5404-JM - watchdog temperature monitor for server room$208.971
Montgomery Bank5414-JM - Manfrotto mount for cellphone$10.881
Montgomery Bank5422- RE - Training supplies$236.381
Montgomery Bank5443- JM - UPS for 2281$169.951
Montgomery Bank5448- JM - protective cases for Ipads$175.981
Montgomery Bank5466-RH - R.Herin Sprinkler Summit$115.161
Montgomery Bank5484- Les - Thermal core and Pixel pitch$3,709.001
Montgomery Bank5484- NH - Narcotic Security locks$144.281
Montgomery Bank5490-RE - 3 Lunches Aerial training$21.141
Montgomery Bank5534- JM - Credit form amazon$-129.991
Montgomery Bank5540-JM - Active 911 renewal$1,046.251
Montgomery Bank5550-JM - hdmi mini/micro adaptors for 2209$7.991
Montgomery Bank5550-RE - Training Supplies$48.801
Montgomery Bank5562-RH - L.Schwartz Mechanical code class$125.001
Montgomery Bank5565- LC - Tac light sticks$93.251
Montgomery Bank5571-RE - 3 lunches Aerial ops class$35.531
Montgomery Bank5576-NH - Lodging for Conf$77.791
Montgomery Bank5583-LC - Amazon prime membersip - we will get credit for$99.001
Montgomery Bank5593- NH - Marcer trip KC N.Harper$265.841
Montgomery Bank5780- CS - 07/19/2016 Hiring Committee Lunch$72.361
Montgomery Bank5793-Randy - Bush for HQ$55.001
Montgomery Bank5794- JM - AV cables ,adaptors and rechargeable batteries for stock$136.831
Montgomery Bank5818- LC - Fuel FDIC$45.001
Montgomery Bank5820-JM - Tripod adaptor cables for 2209$63.371
Montgomery Bank5844-NH - Credit for Flight$-228.011
Montgomery Bank5890- JM - webcam for 2209$42.991
Montgomery Bank5899-CS - Lunch for 12-2 arbitration$30.371
Montgomery Bank5914-Chief - B.Meeting - Legal$87.801
Montgomery Bank5930-JM - pager - Mojthly charge$27.541
Montgomery Bank5933- JM - Inverter for 2202$139.991
Montgomery Bank5945-Cary - Bagels for staff meeting$15.131
Montgomery Bank5948 - M.Depew GFOA Conf Lodging$266.701
Montgomery Bank5952-RE - FDIC for R.Echele$570.001
Montgomery Bank5979-RE - Training supplies$37.961
Montgomery Bank6036-JM - Car Charger$23.971
Montgomery Bank6048-JM - External hard drive for network storage- usb cahrger for H1$390.971
Montgomery Bank6078-RE - Ice- Training$4.511
Montgomery Bank6134-RH - Training Course R.Herin$19.951
Montgomery Bank6148-NH - SCBA Face pieces$913.831
Montgomery Bank6160- RH - FPB inspector Conf$150.001
Montgomery Bank6163- LC - Head lamp$119.941
Montgomery Bank6168- JM - Battery case for 2284$89.991
Montgomery Bank6178-JM - cable lenses , cable adaptors, for Stock$86.941
Montgomery Bank6201-RH - supplies for game for kids for Safety Fair$15.731
Montgomery Bank6234-RE - Ice for testing$6.481
Montgomery Bank6253- CS - Officer development book - EMS$27.351
Montgomery Bank6266- LC - Fuel for LC - For Conf$26.001
Montgomery Bank6291-JM - Gas cap for Rescue 2216$16.901
Montgomery Bank6294-Cary - Meeting with 2201, 2209 and Police Chief Friz$26.001
Montgomery Bank6315-RE - Ice for training$26.951
Montgomery Bank6316- RE - DMV - Title for Trailor$12.251
Montgomery Bank6380-RE - Training supplies- Phone Charger$30.181
Montgomery Bank6412- RH - K.Kowalewski IBC Class$69.571
Montgomery Bank6413-RE - 2282 Fuel FDIC$52.151
Montgomery Bank6430- JM - Generic It$1.121
Montgomery Bank6450-RE - T.Thomure Stl Trauma grand Rounds class$18.001
Montgomery Bank6463- JM - Vehicle bracket mount- For IT$28.991
Montgomery Bank6470- JM - Surge protector$21.691
Montgomery Bank6495- Randy - h1 Faucet$172.961
Montgomery Bank6506-Les - Fuel$10.001
Montgomery Bank6525- Chief - 2200 Fuel$23.341
Montgomery Bank6580-Randy - Sprinkler head for Maint$7.231
Montgomery Bank6587- Randy - H3 Bathroom parts$25.531
Montgomery Bank6593-JM - weather app 2284$2.991
Montgomery Bank6617-RE - ipad case and Iphone Charger$97.381
Montgomery Bank6631- RH - FPB PR Supplies$135.241
Montgomery Bank6640- Randy - H5 Plumbing parts$24.581
Montgomery Bank6641- JM - Presentation equipment$27.951
Montgomery Bank6663-JM - 2 Wardrobe cabinets for BC Bunk$358.601
Montgomery Bank6664- NH - Name tags for SCBA masks$40.961
Montgomery Bank6671-JM - Phone cases$97.951
Montgomery Bank6676- JM - Phone case for Iphone$69.991
Montgomery Bank6682- Randy - Urinal kit- Maint$12.141
Montgomery Bank6708-Randy - Maint Urinal parts$11.291
Montgomery Bank6715- JM - Switches for the Network - IT$281.821
Montgomery Bank6756-NH - M.Harris Conf$425.001
Montgomery Bank6786-RE - Fire officer books$890.551
Montgomery Bank6819-Chief - Credit$-261.011
Montgomery Bank6837-RE - PHTLS - refresher course$170.001
Montgomery Bank6866-NH - Lodging for M.Harris HR conf$382.711
Montgomery Bank6871-LC - Dry suit repair$192.151
Montgomery Bank6883-RH - N.Brockmiller Mechanical Code class$125.001
Montgomery Bank6888-JM - Ipad harness for 2208$92.441
Montgomery Bank6924-JM - Fire inspector handbooks - FPB$207.981
Montgomery Bank6938- RE - Car wash- Splashed by a concrete truck$18.001
Montgomery Bank6978-CS - Coffee pot north side HQ$21.411
Montgomery Bank6998-JM - Chargers, cables and adaptors for phones,Ipads$126.841
Montgomery Bank7017- JM - Voice Pro - Monthly Maint$250.001
Montgomery Bank7028-JM - Gunsafes for vehicles$208.261
Montgomery Bank7079-JM - Thumb driver and wireless mice$76.311
Montgomery Bank7083-Chief - Bestbuy - Office supplies$65.071
Montgomery Bank7104-JM - Subscription upgrade$20.261
Montgomery Bank7120 RE - J.Burle Stl Trauma grand rounds class$18.001
Montgomery Bank7120-RE - B. Carrow Stl- Trauma grand rounds$18.001
Montgomery Bank7132- JM - Tripod Mounts for video cameras$32.901
Montgomery Bank7150- JM - Pager$26.411
Montgomery Bank7170- JM - Expansion cables and Ipad cases$361.781
Montgomery Bank7191-JM - phone cases - IT$69.571
Montgomery Bank7214-CS - Missouri EMS conf$200.001
Montgomery Bank7217-JM - Wireless Combod' IT$41.981
Montgomery Bank7231- JM - UPS power supply$46.481
Montgomery Bank7267-JM - dropbox Pro annual subsciption$99.001
Montgomery Bank7273- JM - Replacement for IPAD that was broken$249.001
Montgomery Bank7308-JM - I pad Case$91.221
Montgomery Bank7315 CS - 2201 Fuel$20.001
Montgomery Bank7367-LES - IT - Computer Misc$105.931
Montgomery Bank7370- Randy - h5 Urinal parts$26.791
Montgomery Bank7371- JM - Ap for 2209$3.991
Montgomery Bank7415- JM - pager for work comp manager$26.961
Montgomery Bank7417-Randy - Chairs$59.761
Montgomery Bank7424- RE - Fraud charge to be refunded$39.871
Montgomery Bank7433-JM - Apple TV for wireless presentation$189.001
Montgomery Bank7482- RE - Hammer - FDIC 2016$50.001
Montgomery Bank7515-JM - 2284 Battery Case$99.001
Montgomery Bank7522- RH - NFPA class for FPB$53.741
Montgomery Bank7566- RH - Apple app$3.991
Montgomery Bank7577- JM - Power supply cords$68.311
Montgomery Bank7579- JM - 2289- Battery$23.001
Montgomery Bank7579-JM - Paging service - Work Comp -$26.961
Montgomery Bank7593-JM - protective phone case for 2284 and USB SD card reader for stock$83.671
Montgomery Bank7601-09/21/17 - Foreign trans fee- Will be refunded$1.191
Montgomery Bank7601-RE - Fraud charge that will be refunded$39.871
Montgomery Bank7603-RW - H1 Dryer repair$59.001
Montgomery Bank7612-RH - meal for Conf FPB$24.041
Montgomery Bank7654-JM - Pager - Auto pay$26.971
Montgomery Bank7654-RE - Ice for training$4.721
Montgomery Bank7698-Chief - Parking FDIC$17.001
Montgomery Bank7699-RE - Meal for FDIC$24.711
Montgomery Bank7707-Cary - Lunch for Hiring process$82.761
Montgomery Bank7707-RE - R.adams FDIC$1,115.001
Montgomery Bank7734- RH - Lunch for staff during Ice storm$57.301
Montgomery Bank7804-JM - Turnout Gear bags$99.952
Montgomery Bank7817-JM - presentation speakers$99.991
Montgomery Bank7829-JM - Camera lens kits for Phones$37.981
Montgomery Bank7846-CS - Crdit for Room Charge$-438.311
Montgomery Bank7856- RE - Fog Fluid$215.821
Montgomery Bank7866-RH - Z.Fuchs FMAM Conf$230.001
Montgomery Bank7867-RH--01 - Poster Frame for 2200$24.401
Montgomery Bank7906-CS - Elevator Key$26.801
Montgomery Bank7915- RW - DVD for camera- Training$17.491
Montgomery Bank7921-RE - Lodging for Farris for FDIC$734.761
Montgomery Bank7931-RE - Water and Ice for training$10.661
Montgomery Bank7973-CS - Room Charge for Conf - (credited)$438.311
Montgomery Bank7990-JM - cables for vehicle install and wireless mice$275.141
Montgomery Bank7994-JM - Camera editing software$105.281
Montgomery Bank7994-NH - 2208 EMS - Conf$300.001
Montgomery Bank8007-RW - HQ plumbing$7.001
Montgomery Bank8011- NH - EMS- Supplies PED Tong Ladder$91.501
Montgomery Bank8050-Chief - emergency Lighting$297.001
Montgomery Bank8115- JM - laptop for mobile device management$1,632.951
Montgomery Bank8116- ed - Gloves - Protective clothing$164.981
Montgomery Bank8119-Randy - Binocular for 2253$99.981
Montgomery Bank8149-CS - David Clark - Headset repairs$273.001
Montgomery Bank8150-JM - hard drive for labtop for Director Millner labtop$79.991
Montgomery Bank8155-JM - Audio Cables$13.401
Montgomery Bank8163-JM - Blank labels$6.991
Montgomery Bank8182-JM - Iphone cases and belt clip$618.231
Montgomery Bank8234-RE - G.Farris 2016 FDIC$545.001
Montgomery Bank8239 - Iphone cases$15.751
Montgomery Bank8242-RE - N.Smith FDIC$545.001
Montgomery Bank8251-ED - 3 Roll machines$2,825.001
Montgomery Bank8265-NH - Medical supplies - EMS$68.201
Montgomery Bank8290-Randy - Mats for chairs at maint$149.971
Montgomery Bank8295-JM - Screen protector$16.941
Montgomery Bank8328-LC - Low Voltage monitor- UAV Support$35.961
Montgomery Bank8328-RH - supplies for Fair game for the kids$11.771
Montgomery Bank8340-RE - Ice for training$5.221
Montgomery Bank8346-JM - cables, Wireless mice and keyboards for stock$86.931
Montgomery Bank8363- JM - pagers$96.511
Montgomery Bank8394-Chief - Parking FDIC$4.501
Montgomery Bank8408-RE - MEMSA Conf - RE$290.001
Montgomery Bank8427-Chief - FDIC registration 2016$545.001
Montgomery Bank8427-RW - replace control in Dishwasher H1$104.651
Montgomery Bank8434- JM - mobile hard drive and adaptors$171.991
Montgomery Bank8446-RE - Pediatric Intubation trainer$1,415.951
Montgomery Bank8467-JM - Turnout gear bags$159.921
Montgomery Bank8481-JM - tripods,cables,adaptors and cases for stock$485.761
Montgomery Bank8514 - JM - rechargeable batteries$30.131
Montgomery Bank8522-RE - Ice Training Supplies$4.851
Montgomery Bank8535- LC - Lodging - Osage beach$298.101
Montgomery Bank8563-Randy - Tool box for 2232$294.901
Montgomery Bank8618-JM - email Spam filter- Software Licensing$1,080.001
Montgomery Bank8649-JM - Chargers and cables for stock and Vehicle tablet mount$166.441
Montgomery Bank8685-Chief - Hr IPMA Conf$345.001
Montgomery Bank8703- JM - wireless hub$434.991
Montgomery Bank8710-Randy - H3 Bathrooom$51.061
Montgomery Bank8716-JM - laptopand key board$1,357.991
Montgomery Bank8737- RH - Conf Dinner FPB$38.861
Montgomery Bank8757- - Foreign Trans fee - Will be refunded$1.191
Montgomery Bank8757-RE - Fraud charge to be refunded$39.981
Montgomery Bank8758-NH - KC Conf N.Harper$17.001
Montgomery Bank8761- LC - 2216 Air chisels$31.001
Montgomery Bank8774-RE - Exam books for Training$125.891
Montgomery Bank8785- JM - Memory card for 2206$35.941
Montgomery Bank8794-RE - Training Supplies$6.261
Montgomery Bank8814-Randy - H2 Repair Dryer$199.001
Montgomery Bank8827-RE - 2294 Driver Training - Fuel$90.001
Montgomery Bank8832- JM - Software Renewal$11.421
Montgomery Bank8839-RH - FPB - Poster board supplies$50.961
Montgomery Bank8842- JM - filemaker pro renewal$1,710.001
Montgomery Bank8879- JM - Surge protectors , switches and cables _ IT$181.851
Montgomery Bank8901-JM - 2207 Battery and Cables for IT$155.542
Montgomery Bank8914- JM - UPS For 2281$109.951
Montgomery Bank8927-RE - ACLS - R.Echele$297.001
Montgomery Bank8947- Les - Rigid Id holder$41.111
Montgomery Bank8947- Les--01 - Trans fee with Groove indetification$1.231
Montgomery Bank8975 JM - Cable adaptor$20.991
Montgomery Bank8978- RE - Fire engineering Videos - Training$515.001
Montgomery Bank8982-RH - J.Gaylord Permit training$125.001
Montgomery Bank9001-JM - credit$-7.991
Montgomery Bank9014- Randy - H4 Cap from Plumbing$13.341
Montgomery Bank9051- Randy - h2 Chair$54.991
Montgomery Bank9066-RH - J.Mckay IBC class$69.571
Montgomery Bank9069-CS - Headset Repair$39.501
Montgomery Bank9078-RE - FDIC registration for Weiss$640.001
Montgomery Bank9084-RH - R.Herin FMAM Conf$230.001
Montgomery Bank9086-RE - FDIC Registration N.Smith$640.001
Montgomery Bank9094-RE - FDIC Registration J.Kwiatkowski$640.001
Montgomery Bank9102-RE - FDIC registration for R.Echele$640.001
Montgomery Bank9132- LC - Credit from a conf - Lodging$-7.941
Montgomery Bank9143-JM - Drop Box Renewal$99.001
Montgomery Bank9153-RH - Meal for Conf FPB$21.511
Montgomery Bank9163- Randy - h4 Dishwasher$78.501
Montgomery Bank9223-RE - 2208 Fuel FDIC$30.001
Montgomery Bank9226- RE - S.Karl FDIC 2016$545.001
Montgomery Bank9242-JM - Replacement power cord for 2200 labtop$26.991
Montgomery Bank9244 -LC - Annual Charge for Go meeting$487.771
Montgomery Bank9270-NH - Ice for HQ - Fridge broke$3.961
Montgomery Bank9306-LC - Registration for 2 UAB$5.001
Montgomery Bank9310- Chief - Lunch for the Smeal trip$50.661
Montgomery Bank9343-Chief - Credit$-76.041
Montgomery Bank9364-LC - Columbia - Lodging for LC$95.551
Montgomery Bank9365- RE - Water and Ice for Training$10.521
Montgomery Bank9381-RH - 07/23/16 Dinner for FMAM Conf -2206$33.501
Montgomery Bank9403-RE - Ad for Firefighter - Paramedics$395.001
Montgomery Bank9428-RE - 2 Fire Cam Helmets , Hotop,McCullough$663.901
Montgomery Bank9428-RE--01 - Lodging for M.Harris$240.871
Montgomery Bank9429- Chief - 2200 parking at the air port$39.951
Montgomery Bank9429-Chief - lunch for Smeal Trip$23.081
Montgomery Bank9437-JM - adaptar - IT$55.451
Montgomery Bank9462- RE - Ice for training$4.301
Montgomery Bank9486-NH - Lunch For admin day, Crews, Harper, Gaylord Walsh, Gelb, Kennedy, and Depew$198.781
Montgomery Bank9510- NH - EMS patches$75.001
Montgomery Bank9515- JM - Software renewal$34.171
Montgomery Bank9516- NH - 2016 Chief Membership - N.Harper$234.001
Montgomery Bank9534-JM - 5 Car Chargers and Bluetooth adaptors for vehicles$92.931
Montgomery Bank9611-Chief - 2253 Aviation Radio$225.001
Montgomery Bank9611-RE - Training SCBA Blast masks$749.311
Montgomery Bank9623-NH - R.Herin Promotion Cake$26.181
Montgomery Bank9630- Chief - Fuel FFAM Conf$33.501
Montgomery Bank9638- RE - Hahn, Heine, and Thurmore - SSM Class$270.001
Montgomery Bank9641-JM - presentation equipment$28.981
Montgomery Bank9689-Randy - H1 bathroom$28.411
Montgomery Bank9700- Chief - FMAMLunch$39.651
Montgomery Bank9721-Randy - H1 Bathroom$17.591
Montgomery Bank9726-Randy - maint - bathroom$196.831
Montgomery Bank9736-JM - Ipad mount$27.951
Montgomery Bank9740- JM - GPS Mount for Tac medic$329.981
Montgomery Bank9776- RW - H1 Chair$59.991
Montgomery Bank9793- RW - Rock for the training tower$526.971
Montgomery Bank9793-LC - Amazon Charge and we have a credit to cancel the charge$259.141
Montgomery Bank9804-Chief - Led Lights$624.081
Montgomery Bank9897- Chief - 2200-Fuel$80.691
Montgomery Bank9904-JM - laptop for SCBA Tracking$349.991
Montgomery Bank9905-JM - Surge protectors$29.991
Montgomery Bank9921- Chief - 2200 Fuel$146.731
Montgomery Bank9923- JM - Phone cases fro stock$96.791
Montgomery Bank9933-JM - phone and Ipad cables$51.961
Montgomery Bank9940-CS - Lunch for Arbitrator hearing$34.081
Montgomery Bank9941-Randy - Pizza for Captains Testing$71.531
Montgomery Bank9961-Chief - FFAM Conf$180.981
Montgomery Bank9969-CS - officer dev. Mentoring book$14.491
Montgomery Bank9972-RE - Fire Office 1 Lunch$193.521
Montgomery BankChief - Back Ground Check- New employee$13.251
Total $133,993.17 723