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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Leach Painting Company10-01-2015 - HQ painting of doors and frames$1,874.001
Leach Painting Company10-0483-1.1 - h#1 painting per contract$1,027.501
Leach Painting Company12-0212-6.1 - HQ Painting$711.501
Leach Painting Company12-0321-6-1 - HQ, H4 and H1 Painting$1,709.001
Leach Painting Company14-0152-61 - Dorr painting at Maint Bldg$355.001
Leach Painting Company16-0471-6.1 - Training tower - Painting$10,475.001
Leach Painting Company17-0497-6.1 - Painting - House 1 / Caps on Hose tower$3,832.001
Total $19,984.00 7