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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
One Source Water212844 - H2 Water$135.001
One Source Water327825 - H2 Water$97.121
One Source Water327826 - H2 Water$142.091
One Source Water353550 - H2 Water$153.351
One Source Water41303a - H2 Water$84.951
One Source Waterarin133556 - H2 Water Filters$97.121
One Source Watercnin826729 - 02/01/15-04/30/2015 H2 Water$145.701
One Source Watercnin867530 - 05/01-07-31/15 H2 Water$135.001
One Source Watercniv044333 - 11/01-01/31/2016 H2 Water$135.001
One Source Watercniv091675 - H2 Water$135.001
One Source Watercniv138322 - H2 Water$135.001
One Source Watercniv227980 - H2 Water$142.091
One Source Watercniv270387 - H2 Water$153.351
One Source Watercniv31548 - H2 water$153.351
One Source Watercnnin910013 - 08-31-10/31/2015 H2 Water$135.001
Total $1,979.12 15