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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Heavy Duty Equipment0001066 - 2228 Leaf blower bulb$6.401
Heavy Duty Equipment100833 - 2232 Chain saw parts$30.301
Heavy Duty Equipment102706 - Ice control$389.551
Heavy Duty Equipment102753 - Ice melt$198.751
Heavy Duty Equipment102783 - Ice melt$389.551
Heavy Duty Equipment102981 - Ice Control$222.601
Heavy Duty Equipment102982 - Ice control$389.551
Heavy Duty Equipment102983 - Ice Control$31.801
Heavy Duty Equipment103377 - Ice melt -$438.551
Heavy Duty Equipment103394 - Ice Melt$124.751
Heavy Duty Equipment103465 - 2228 strap foe blower$29.551
Heavy Duty Equipment103566 - ice melt$440.511
Heavy Duty Equipment103759 - Chemicals for snow removal$440.511
Heavy Duty Equipment103777 - Chemicals for snow removal$440.511
Heavy Duty Equipment103824 - Chemicals for snow removal$440.511
Heavy Duty Equipment103834 - Ice chemicals$440.511
Heavy Duty Equipment103978 - Ice Chemicals$440.511
Heavy Duty Equipment104286 - ice melt$558.251
Heavy Duty Equipment104494 - Lawn mower fuel filter and oil f ilter and misc$123.801
Heavy Duty Equipment105739 - H2 H5 Fertilzer$113.941
Heavy Duty Equipment106032 - Fertlizer all locations$629.851
Heavy Duty Equipment106120 - Fertilizer all location$335.921
Heavy Duty Equipment106210 - All Location Fertilizer$83.981
Heavy Duty Equipment1066 - 2230 Fuel Line and 2230 wrench$299.952
Heavy Duty Equipment108250 - Fertilizer all locations$629.851
Heavy Duty Equipment108297 - Fertilizer - All locations$83.981
Heavy Duty Equipment108360 - 2290 Chain$21.991
Heavy Duty Equipment117855 - Ice Melt$277.501
Heavy Duty Equipment117978 - ice Melt$231.251
Heavy Duty Equipment118050 - Ice melt$231.251
Heavy Duty Equipment118187 - Ice Melt$277.501
Heavy Duty Equipment118209 - Ice Melt$165.001
Heavy Duty Equipment118654 - Ice melt$138.751
Heavy Duty Equipment118769 - Ice Melt$323.751
Heavy Duty Equipment118907 - Ice Melt$323.751
Heavy Duty Equipment118993 - ice melt$453.251
Heavy Duty Equipment119050 - Ice Melt$323.751
Heavy Duty Equipment119068 - Ice control$154.001
Heavy Duty Equipment119071 - Ice melt$27.501
Heavy Duty Equipment119128 - Ice Melt$453.251
Heavy Duty Equipment119182 - Ice melt$304.251
Heavy Duty Equipment119222 - Ice control salt$137.501
Heavy Duty Equipment119462 - Lawn mower filter oil , spark plugs,and blade$116.901
Heavy Duty Equipment119532 - Grass seed$75.001
Heavy Duty Equipment120343 - Fertilizer$335.921
Heavy Duty Equipment120643 - Fertilizer$335.921
Heavy Duty Equipment123601 - Fertilizer - all locations$419.901
Heavy Duty Equipment123691 - Fertilizer all locations$167.961
Heavy Duty Equipment124944 - Lawn mower- Maint$135.501
Heavy Duty Equipment127444 - 2253 saw$67.841
Heavy Duty Equipment128520 - trailer plug for 2289$5.001
Heavy Duty Equipment129276 - 2246 Core drill$3.201
Heavy Duty Equipment129878 - Parts for mower Maint$2.201
Heavy Duty Equipment135547 - Ice Melt$453.251
Heavy Duty Equipment135631 - Ice Melt$194.251
Heavy Duty Equipment135765 - Ice melt$453.251
Heavy Duty Equipment135782 - Ice melt$185.001
Heavy Duty Equipment135914 - Leaf blower for brish truck 2228$261.381
Heavy Duty Equipment136250 - Ice Melt$631.071
Heavy Duty Equipment136288 - Ice Melt$157.251
Heavy Duty Equipment136293 - Ice Melt$453.251
Heavy Duty Equipment136377 - Ice melt$129.501
Heavy Duty Equipment136625 - Ice melt$194.251
Heavy Duty Equipment13678 - ice melt$27.751
Heavy Duty Equipment137494 - Lawn mower parts$215.251
Heavy Duty Equipment137640 - Fertilizer$461.891
Heavy Duty Equipment138043 - Fertilizer$335.921
Heavy Duty Equipment140573 - Fertilizer$419.901
Heavy Duty Equipment142512 - Lawn mower wheels$319.651
Heavy Duty Equipment142880 - Binder chains for new trailor$190.101
Heavy Duty Equipment144112 - 2216 power unit$183.751
Heavy Duty Equipment146440 - 2216 Holmatro unit$6.131
Heavy Duty Equipment147238 - 2253 Rescue saw$30.991
Heavy Duty Equipment147596 - Rescue saw repair- Strike force team trailor$256.501
Heavy Duty Equipment152147 - 2232 Saw Repair$214.941
Heavy Duty Equipment152443 - Ice melt$185.001
Heavy Duty Equipment152662 - Ice Melt$185.001
Heavy Duty Equipment152784 - #3 cut off saw rope$3.001
Heavy Duty Equipment152787 - Ice melt$1,359.751
Heavy Duty Equipment153108 - ice Melt$453.251
Heavy Duty Equipment153109 - Maint slim bar$32.991
Heavy Duty Equipment153262 - Ice Melt$453.251
Heavy Duty Equipment153306 - Ice melt$194.251
Heavy Duty Equipment153374 - 2216 saw repair$15.951
Heavy Duty Equipment153994 - HQ and H4 weed killer$150.001
Heavy Duty Equipment154252 - blade, sparkplugs,filters for Lawnmower$105.751
Heavy Duty Equipment154546 - Hydraulic oil- Maint$14.951
Heavy Duty Equipment154739 - replaced 2 tires of the Lawn mower$36.001
Heavy Duty Equipment154875 - Fertilizer$461.891
Heavy Duty Equipment154989 - Fertilizer$251.941
Heavy Duty Equipment156051 - Randy's saw ..Misc$41.651
Heavy Duty Equipment156056 - Randy's saw$0.501
Heavy Duty Equipment156870 - Trimmer - Randy$21.751
Heavy Duty Equipment158880 - Fertilizer$419.901
Heavy Duty Equipment159240 - lawn mower$49.951
Heavy Duty Equipment160134 - fuel line for weed eater - Maint$13.201
Heavy Duty Equipment167106 - Chainsaw 2228 Fuel cap$3.851
Heavy Duty Equipment27816 - 2216 Chain saw$13.221
Heavy Duty Equipment60862 - road runner de-ice 50lb$541.302
Heavy Duty Equipment60968 - Ground Maint./Disaster Prep.$1,572.796
Heavy Duty Equipment61020 - 28 50lb de-icer$499.173
Heavy Duty Equipment61459 - Lawn Mower Part$81.601
Heavy Duty Equipment61495 - Strap for tie downs for storm$102.542
Heavy Duty Equipment61963 - H4.3 Hq Salt for Snow$532.453
Heavy Duty Equipment64116 - Parts for Maint Cutter Saw$9.052
Heavy Duty Equipment64222 - All locations Fertilizer$269.501
Heavy Duty Equipment69389 - Fuel line for small engine$10.001
Heavy Duty Equipment75613 - Maint plugs and fuel line$12.651
Heavy Duty Equipment75740 - Ice Control 50 lb Salt$438.551
Heavy Duty Equipment75740-1 - Credit$-42.901
Heavy Duty Equipment75740-2 - Credit$-10.001
Heavy Duty Equipment75880 - Salt$223.751
Heavy Duty Equipment75881 - Salt$134.251
Heavy Duty Equipment76185 - Salt /Randy$225.001
Heavy Duty Equipment76990 - HQ, h#2,3,4,5 fertilizer$509.251
Heavy Duty Equipment77046 - Hq Fertilzer$339.501
Heavy Duty Equipment77124 - 2226 chain saw$16.001
Heavy Duty Equipment77127 - Hq Fertilizer$169.751
Heavy Duty Equipment77130 - HQ FuAel Line$12.501
Heavy Duty Equipment77240 - Blade and Filter for mower$137.271
Heavy Duty Equipment80084 - H5 Chain saw$8.551
Heavy Duty Equipment80548 - Fertilizer all loacations$610.351
Heavy Duty Equipment80592 - Return of fertlizer$-162.761
Heavy Duty Equipment86812 - 2218 ATV Blower$489.001
Heavy Duty Equipment87557 - Hitch Kit for 2280$34.651
Heavy Duty Equipment88259 - Jack for 10" Lift for Maint$76.571
Heavy Duty Equipment88457 - 2228 Air Filters for Blower$15.501
Heavy Duty Equipment89262 - Ice Melt$119.001
Heavy Duty Equipment89294 - Parts for Lawn mower Maint$36.701
Heavy Duty Equipment89545 - Maint Lawn Blade$36.901
Heavy Duty Equipment89576 - Ice salt maint$223.751
Heavy Duty Equipment89616 - Ice salt maint$223.751
Heavy Duty Equipment89669 - Ice salt Maint$89.501
Heavy Duty Equipment89727 - Ice salt for maint$250.601
Heavy Duty Equipment89758 - Chain for Maint$21.991
Heavy Duty Equipment90635 - HQ, H3,H1,H4$629.851
Heavy Duty Equipment90735 - Maint H2, H5 Fertilizer$419.901
Heavy Duty Equipment91790 - Capp for oil for Randy's chain saw$4.601
Heavy Duty Equipment93077 - Lawn mower Blade for Lawn mower$55.991
Heavy Duty Equipment93078 - All location Fertilizer$503.881
Heavy Duty Equipment93126 - Credit$-18.991
Heavy Duty Equipment93127 - 2216 Chain for Chain saw$10.951
Heavy Duty Equipment93499 - 2216 Chain saw$12.211
Heavy Duty Equipment94665 - Maint - fuel line for stock$15.501
Heavy Duty Equipment95749 - Weed killer$41.991
Heavy Duty Equipment95899 - Tires for Lawnmover$276.401
Heavy Duty Equipment96009 - Maint Chain saw chain$21.991
Heavy Duty Equipment98694 - 2216 Chain saw rope$2.001
Heavy Duty Equipment99982 - H2 Grass seed$89.981
Heavy Duty Equipmentsee attached - Due to credit covered,82530,82585,82630,81233$165.001
Total $33,594.99 163