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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Home Depot00025211 - H3 Building Maint$19.541
Home Depot04/16/2016 - Will be credited for systen error - Finance Charge$11.531
Home Depot04/16/2016-1 - Will be refunded For system error - Late Fee$35.001
Home Depot06/15/2016 - Credit$-32.511
Home Depot1011154 - H3 Grout$10.471
Home Depot1011320 - 2212- Rope$23.001
Home Depot1011379 - Misc parts$9.961
Home Depot1011400 - Tools for maint$22.101
Home Depot1011402 - H2 paint$25.481
Home Depot1012055 - H2 Salt$71.111
Home Depot1012634 - H5 misc for the boat$8.521
Home Depot1013233 - H1 misc$38.281
Home Depot1014655 - HQ Paint$25.481
Home Depot1020121 - FPB - misc See Reciept$498.391
Home Depot1020122 - Return - For Kitchen Misc$62.001
Home Depot1020772 - H3 Showerhead$29.981
Home Depot1020971 - 2209 bolts$13.721
Home Depot1021007 - H1Misc$17.981
Home Depot10211992 - HQ supplies for roof$86.596
Home Depot1023379 - H2 Salt$104.401
Home Depot1023763 - H5 Bathroom$26.141
Home Depot1023801 - H5 Bathroom$0.971
Home Depot1024319 - H1 Faucet$23.701
Home Depot1024696 - HQ Paint$31.271
Home Depot1025319 - H4 Lock set$10.941
Home Depot1043312 - H4 plug and Rollers for HQ$26.071
Home Depot1053834 - Tools for 2232$13.371
Home Depot1054997 - H3 Drip pan$5.691
Home Depot1074131 - H5 Boat misc$14.671
Home Depot107428 - Weed eater sppol Stock$31.831
Home Depot1092242 - Misc .clear tube etc$25.751
Home Depot1100061 - H5 Bug Spray$11.371
Home Depot1100181 - Weed Eater Line$12.991
Home Depot1102098 - Maint Tool and misc$41.121
Home Depot1103859 - Maint - spool$18.561
Home Depot11111 - Misc$1.401
Home Depot112508 - Maint- Rake$17.971
Home Depot1133917 - HQ Stump Grinder$83.601
Home Depot12301 - H4 faucet$7.781
Home Depot12491 - H2 water softner$92.001
Home Depot13413 - HQ Sprayer$8.191
Home Depot1400846 - H5 Photo eye part$12.871
Home Depot1402573 - H2 Water Softner$71.581
Home Depot1404577 - 2242 Tools$13.221
Home Depot1404667 - H5 Shoreline$27.791
Home Depot1405163 - humid-h#1 #63035322005731991$516.014
Home Depot1407756 - H3 Brackets$39.381
Home Depot1407768 - Salt, Hose, Tape$108.122
Home Depot14701 - H2 Wiring$10.491
Home Depot2010651 - Lights Misc$7.471
Home Depot2012147 - Salt for H2 Water softner$92.001
Home Depot2013122 - Maint - Misc$16.831
Home Depot2013181 - Maint, Misc fittings, wedges etc$15.881
Home Depot2013243 - HQ - wedge anchor$14.801
Home Depot2013982 - 2224 misc$12.431
Home Depot2014606 - Hq Connectors$16.901
Home Depot2014607 - 2209 key$3.741
Home Depot2015090 - Silcone - Maint$3.981
Home Depot2016113 - Maint Rachet set$3.301
Home Depot2021893 - H1 alarm carbon monoxide$113.911
Home Depot2022518 - H3 Bucket$18.481
Home Depot2022833 - H3 Ice machine - line$9.381
Home Depot2024504 - Gas Blower Maint$77.281
Home Depot2025503 - H1 Spray$9.491
Home Depot2054750 - Loose Equipment for 2224$219.831
Home Depot2054921 - H3 toilet lever$5.391
Home Depot2055309 - H2 Salt$92.801
Home Depot2060017 - H4 light$15.981
Home Depot2062348 - Padlock for HQ$15.971
Home Depot2064546 - bulbs and batteries H3$45.371
Home Depot2071471 - Credit for Return$-1.231
Home Depot2071569 - credit$-37.971
Home Depot2072241 - credit$-8.721
Home Depot2074481 - return-4pc nut driver$-99.962
Home Depot2074577 - credit$-4.581
Home Depot2074604 - credit$-13.331
Home Depot2100393 - Weed eater string$22.321
Home Depot2104665 - Holly Bushes$47.461
Home Depot2107464 - Maint - Spool for weed eater$33.511
Home Depot21512 - H4 post$5.881
Home Depot2153178 - FPB smoke detectors$6,540.001
Home Depot22941 - H3 Connector$33.751
Home Depot2400083 - H4 Switch$4.681
Home Depot2400322 - HQ Primer ,sponge$17.411
Home Depot2402605 - H1 Shoreline$26.421
Home Depot2407112 - Light bulbs$24.821
Home Depot2407168 - H2 Light Switch$1.481
Home Depot2407951 - H5 Basket for Shower$6.961
Home Depot24378 - 2277 misc connectors$26.371
Home Depot2970376 - H1 Microwave$358.001
Home Depot3010200 - H3 Coil for garage door$60.801
Home Depot3010217 - H1 Faucet$205.201
Home Depot3010296 - Emergency lights$37.971
Home Depot3011727 - H1 connector$16.851
Home Depot3013232 - H3 Lights$9.461
Home Depot3013425 - HQ Paint$32.911
Home Depot3014043 - H5 Tough chest for boat$79.001
Home Depot3014201 - H3 And wall plates$17.961
Home Depot3014234 - Paint for HQ$10.961
Home Depot3021266 - H2 salt pellets$99.801
Home Depot3021807 - H1 ,3,4 balck furniture hole covers$7.141
Home Depot3023503 - H1 Plumbing tube$10.741
Home Depot3024420 - h1 Kitchen Sink repair$19.981
Home Depot3024515 - H2 bathroom parts$6.631
Home Depot3024538 - Maint- Saw blades$12.971
Home Depot3024940 - HQ Maint Carbon monoxide Detectors$79.941
Home Depot3027756 - H4 Bathroom Caulk$15.941
Home Depot3050923 - drop hitch for 2219 Fire equip$84.931
Home Depot3051760 - H5 Shower liner$13.481
Home Depot3062517 - H2 Grill$120.971
Home Depot3063331 - 2279 and 2253 Tool box$47.971
Home Depot3064444 - H1 white buckets$16.421
Home Depot3065452 - H1 Spray nozzle$7.781
Home Depot3070296 - Credit for Trap from H2$-15.641
Home Depot3073683 - Return of parts for H2 Grill$-50.981
Home Depot3073687 - H2 Weber Grill$39.991
Home Depot3074098 - Blinds for HQ$12.881
Home Depot3074664 - Credit$-27.781
Home Depot3075003 - Credit for return$-44.971
Home Depot3075221 - credit for gas connector$-27.451
Home Depot3084825 - Credit$-1.861
Home Depot3103210 - Spool for weedeater -Randy maint$27.841
Home Depot3103967 - Maint Weed eater spool$31.831
Home Depot3104586 - H2 Roundup and etc$27.761
Home Depot3108539 - maint spool cap$29.311
Home Depot3109875 - Grass trimer - Maint$66.471
Home Depot3400897 - H2 Electric Plugs$26.371
Home Depot3400957 - H2 Electric outlets$11.951
Home Depot3407027 - H5 Char diam$14.971
Home Depot3590559 - 2242 hand tool$24.661
Home Depot3972913 - Blinds for HQ$199.921
Home Depot4010228 - H5 bucket and trimmer$78.931
Home Depot4010361 - Maint - Roundup and bucket for 2224$82.241
Home Depot4011463 - H1 water$9.321
Home Depot4011714 - H2 Misc$58.931
Home Depot4012469 - FPB Tools$19.961
Home Depot4012471 - Maint 2 cycle oil$3.961
Home Depot4012971 - H2 Salt for water softner$87.001
Home Depot4013272 - H2 water softner pellets$52.441
Home Depot4013956 - H3 Wall plate$40.801
Home Depot4020673 - Stove replacement parts f$32.501
Home Depot4020855 - H4 Tension pin$0.601
Home Depot4022946 - HQ Paint$24.661
Home Depot4023906 - HQ paint$68.621
Home Depot4025073 - H2 salt for water softner$104.401
Home Depot4025112 - Tac medic Misc supplies$46.101
Home Depot402913 - H1 Shower basket$2.801
Home Depot4051992 - H2 trap,wall Tube$21.981
Home Depot4053126 - H4 Grill$39.991
Home Depot405607 - Tool Chest$75.941
Home Depot405775 - light Switch$5.981
Home Depot4060577 - Pint for HQ$24.661
Home Depot4062895 - 2246 Plug$36.461
Home Depot4063140 - H4 Gas Hose$39.971
Home Depot4064552 - H3 Lights$4.001
Home Depot4064559 - H3 Lights$5.971
Home Depot407506 - Sprinkler w nozzle$14.111
Home Depot408154 - Hq Heater fan$34.971
Home Depot4130124 - Racket for Maint- Randy$5.751
Home Depot4150637 - FPB - Smoke Alarms.Carbon monoxide$4,557.001
Home Depot4400619 - Swith for H1$4.681
Home Depot4403399 - H5 Electrial plug and connector$57.971
Home Depot4403435 - H5 plug$10.881
Home Depot4403545 - H2 Plumbling parts$15.381
Home Depot4405936 - H4 plug and connector$66.441
Home Depot5010366 - Hq Dryer misc$13.371
Home Depot5010367 - HQ Dryer plug$1.981
Home Depot5013175 - Maint Blower$75.971
Home Depot5014971 - nail punch - silicone$20.471
Home Depot5015365 - H2 Ceiling paint$33.171
Home Depot5020630 - H2 Ceiling Paint$49.321
Home Depot5020700 - H1 Door hinges$4.711
Home Depot5021421 - H1 Plug, and Maint chain saw$15.901
Home Depot5024213 - Rope for rescue for 2232$13.001
Home Depot5024389 - misc parts$5.671
Home Depot5024485 - Magnets - HQ$3.241
Home Depot5024651 - H2 plug$10.361
Home Depot5026428 - H2 Toliet$26.471
Home Depot5027423 - Paint - H1$23.711
Home Depot5051633 - H5 Spray$9.991
Home Depot5052588 - 2202 new keys$5.611
Home Depot5054253 - H4 surge protector and carbon monoxide alarm$83.521
Home Depot5055705 - H1 piping for washer$2.401
Home Depot505594 - H3 Phone cords$15.871
Home Depot5064027 - Maint rubber cord$54.171
Home Depot5070945 - credit$-20.471
Home Depot5070946 - H3 Garage Door - silicone$18.901
Home Depot50723 - H3 Grill$149.821
Home Depot5072475 - credit$-16.051
Home Depot5072881 - Return Credit$-19.971
Home Depot50744 - Storage cont. FPB$15.971
Home Depot5074877 - credit$-5.671
Home Depot50795 - Rock salt for Maint$179.401
Home Depot5081997 - Credit for blinds$-38.471
Home Depot5104680 - H5 Sprinkler$5.681
Home Depot5105384 - Weedeater sppol$18.561
Home Depot52722 - Faucet for H3$90.411
Home Depot5401523 - Blinds$38.471
Home Depot5401553 - Hq blinds$44.781
Home Depot5404733 - H5 2216 Buckets$9.921
Home Depot5408390 - Dewalt Batteries for Trucks$203.721
Home Depot5562925 - 2219 Hitch ATV$10.981
Home Depot5563387 - Scba repair - Maint$18.911
Home Depot56005 - Hardware for Beds at H1$2.941
Home Depot6010219 - HQ Dryer - seal$3.641
Home Depot6010305 - HQ paint$27.111
Home Depot6010818 - H3 Blower$79.971
Home Depot6010904 - Dorr knobs and paint and patch$39.021
Home Depot6011143 - Maint - Oil Funnels$3.101
Home Depot6011947 - H2 salt pellets$71.111
Home Depot6012238 - HQ paint$24.661
Home Depot6012331 - H2 plug$32.061
Home Depot6013063 - H2 tool bag 2224$29.971
Home Depot6013064 - Sleeve anchors$5.641
Home Depot6013946 - H1 sprayer$16.181
Home Depot6014336 - h2 Paint$74.041
Home Depot6024027 - H3 Buckets$7.961
Home Depot6027313 - H4 grout and tool set for maint plumbing$36.841
Home Depot6027371 - Maint- Spool for Lawn Maint$29.311
Home Depot6053608 - HQ paint$50.961
Home Depot6054037 - HQ Dryer vent clamps$5.031
Home Depot6061522 - 2212 Rope$23.001
Home Depot6061825 - h2 Salt$79.841
Home Depot6062210 - H4 Plugs$37.971
Home Depot6062285 - H2 Paint$4.971
Home Depot6064151 - Supplies for 2232$48.371
Home Depot6064219 - Supplies for 2232$7.111
Home Depot6065174 - H2 replace GFI$29.951
Home Depot6070540 - misc valve$13.551
Home Depot6070726 - HQ Dryer$379.051
Home Depot6071843 - HQ Carbon monoxide$43.141
Home Depot6073668 - credit$-15.981
Home Depot6081804 - Credit$-8.951
Home Depot6082086 - H3 dryer and washer$1,336.801
Home Depot61402 - H2 Salt$89.821
Home Depot6151961 - Burn room Prop For safety fair$308.361
Home Depot6153992 - HQ Misc hand$116.921
Home Depot6400437 - Return of some Valve$-13.551
Home Depot6403415 - light Swith$2.841
Home Depot6403624 - H1 shower basket and Caddy$17.461
Home Depot6403885 - H5 sprayer for Kitchen sink$9.491
Home Depot6404331 - misc supplies$6.161
Home Depot6405181 - Misc supplies for stock,Sprayer$38.281
Home Depot6406083 - Training Ear plugs$56.851
Home Depot6408815 - H2 Light Switch and Salt$91.002
Home Depot6408889 - h2 Switch$4.171
Home Depot66038 - H4 Plugs$54.651
Home Depot6971906 - H5 dish washer$474.301
Home Depot7010387 - H5 plug shoreline$8.251
Home Depot7010665 - H Mold remover$12.291
Home Depot7011034 - H2 Salt$104.291
Home Depot7011304 - Misc parts$16.051
Home Depot7012070 - spool reel - Maint$13.971
Home Depot7012695 - Maint Metal snips$25.621
Home Depot7013395 - H2 salt for water softner$101.471
Home Depot7013536 - H5 angle Plug$10.921
Home Depot7014476 - H2 Water Softner$71.111
Home Depot7020017 - HQ paint$24.661
Home Depot7020019 - Tool bag HQ$18.891
Home Depot7022186 - H1 Bathroom$10.271
Home Depot7022972 - Maint Trimer Spool$19.541
Home Depot7026197 - spark plugs for 2216 rescue saw$4.991
Home Depot7029337 - Water Jug 2212$21.971
Home Depot7050845 - 2209 Magnet$4.481
Home Depot7051024 - 2216 Extrication blades$82.301
Home Depot7053713 - Wall patch - Misc$3.981
Home Depot7054102 - HQ paint and H1alarm$63.591
Home Depot70544419 - H5 Tool bag for Boat$29.971
Home Depot7061027 - Shower curtain and rod HQ Shower$22.741
Home Depot7062310 - H2 Paint$23.711
Home Depot7070487 - Credit for some parts$-5.561
Home Depot7070891 - Credit for Return$-33.221
Home Depot7071449 - H4 dishwasher$557.101
Home Depot7072290 - Credit$-16.051
Home Depot7104631 - Training tower Hose and Torch kit$179.901
Home Depot7105504 - Maint 2 cycle oil$3.761
Home Depot71400 - Credit$-2.841
Home Depot7150870 - plug$10.361
Home Depot7153971 - FPB Carbon monoxide detectors$2,100.001
Home Depot7153973 - FPB Hard Wired Smoke dectectors$6,545.001
Home Depot7401745 - Washer etc for Misc$7.681
Home Depot7402239 - H1 Plumbing supplies$7.891
Home Depot7402809 - Parts for the Dishwasher$13.981
Home Depot7404371 - H4 Shoreline Plug$10.881
Home Depot7404448 - H3 Shoreline$35.841
Home Depot7404716 - HQ Sprinkler$4.701
Home Depot7406536 - H2 Salt$89.821
Home Depot7406612 - Maint ..Mouse glue and Sparks plugs$16.061
Home Depot7570639 - Tools for SCBA Maint$28.471
Home Depot76230 - Credit$-34.081
Home Depot8010370 - H1 Plumbing pipes etc$13.771
Home Depot8010401 - H2 salt and Filters$111.761
Home Depot8010579 - H2 Salt$80.641
Home Depot8011381 - H1 Disp kit$3.191
Home Depot8011412 - H1 Tube$6.571
Home Depot8011676 - H1 Door set$21.181
Home Depot8011847 - H4 Shower head$39.981
Home Depot8012311 - H4 Shorline Misc$16.051
Home Depot8012475 - H4 Kitchen$79.001
Home Depot8012684 - H2 salt$90.471
Home Depot8012691 - H2 salt$92.001
Home Depot8013290 - Maint outlets$9.481
Home Depot8014166 - H3 Bathroom part$3.781
Home Depot8014846 - HQ Paint$12.971
Home Depot8015041 - H2 Bathroom parts$5.111
Home Depot8020162 - H2 Coupler$2.981
Home Depot8020227 - HQ paint$12.971
Home Depot8020493 - Connector and Surge protector - Les$44.841
Home Depot8022937 - H2 Screws$8.531
Home Depot8023075 - HQ black Shelf$13.961
Home Depot8023192 - H3 bag for 2232$39.941
Home Depot8025040 - h5 63 gallon tough chest for the Boat$158.001
Home Depot8025046 - HQ Paint$12.471
Home Depot8027477 - HQ Blower$79.971
Home Depot8050383 - Flag pole rope H5$14.251
Home Depot8051338 - Maint - Tool voltage tester$16.981
Home Depot8055006 - FPB Buckets$54.321
Home Depot8055008 - HQ Shingles for Roof$10.101
Home Depot8063719 - H1 Paint$23.711
Home Depot8064048 - Gas Connector HQ$27.451
Home Depot8074963 - Sealant for Maint$4.101
Home Depot8074970 - Credit for blinds HQ$-54.901
Home Depot8077080 - Credit for Return$-7.471
Home Depot8104497 - Maint spool cap$19.541
Home Depot8132867 - H5 H1 Spray adaptar$141.981
Home Depot8150128 - Smoke Alarms$2,100.001
Home Depot8401779 - H1 Plumbing misc$3.721
Home Depot8404046 - H1 and H5 clear suction corner basket$6.961
Home Depot8404647--01 - Aitr Filters$11.911
Home Depot8405321 - Maint Chain saw Oil$38.911
Home Depot8405913 - H4 Silcone$6.971
Home Depot8406280 - H5 Elbow misc$3.191
Home Depot8409635 - H4 Lighting$27.811
Home Depot8563161 - H1 Washers$4.741
Home Depot8593074 - Parts rack for SCBA room at H4$19.981
Home Depot8973099 - blinds for HQ$564.001
Home Depot9010808 - H2 Toliet parts$24.431
Home Depot9012359 - HQ Paint$38.431
Home Depot9013343 - H2 Water Softner Salt$85.331
Home Depot9014390 - 2216 Battery tools$51.571
Home Depot9014848 - H5 Plug Shoreline$55.571
Home Depot9014908 - H2 water softner salt, tool for maint$109.982
Home Depot9014948 - H2 led lightbulbs$4.591
Home Depot9020429 - H5 aerator spray$19.981
Home Depot9021007 - HQ Fence cedar$14.151
Home Depot9023567 - Salt for H2$94.811
Home Depot9025107 - Door knobs$12.931
Home Depot9050016 - H2 bulbs for lamps$10.381
Home Depot9052273 - Misc for Maint$11.901
Home Depot9053977 - Coat rack for HQ$16.131
Home Depot9054220 - HQ paint$50.961
Home Depot9064285 - Manila Rope 2212 Ladder$31.201
Home Depot9064880 - SCBA Parts$8.461
Home Depot9070172 - Return$-4.271
Home Depot9070878 - credit for tool chest$-75.941
Home Depot9071407 - Credit$-24.991
Home Depot9071409 - Wheel barrow tire$34.981
Home Depot9071540 - Credit$-5.981
Home Depot9071541 - 2202 Keys$5.611
Home Depot9073105 - H2 Paint$23.711
Home Depot9073683 - steel bar - was returned and received Credit$129.361
Home Depot9081163 - credit for tires$-69.961
Home Depot9106191 - Sprayer and cord for weed eater$28.181
Home Depot9106488 - Gas blower for Maint$75.971
Home Depot9107165 - Maint Curved trimmer$69.971
Home Depot9113779 - H5 hose$44.971
Home Depot9114152 - Hanging plants(mums) for HQ$19.961
Home Depot9152126 - Smoke alarms .._ Grant monies$6,393.601
Home Depot9402051 - H4 Blinds$701.671
Home Depot9402302 - H2 Salt and switches$84.851
Home Depot9402348 - Electrial Plugs for H1$32.671
Home Depot9403247 - Electric parts for maint$29.971
Home Depot9404049 - Hq Plugs$10.421
Home Depot9404869 - HQ Plunger$8.531
Home Depot9406221 - HQ Sand$8.731
Home Depot9406815 - H3 Shower$26.401
Home Depot9407365 - Tires and paint for Maint$67.931
Home Depot9408439 - H1 Kitchen Sink$5.091
Home Depot9408461 - H1 Kitchen Sink$3.571
Home Depot9409377 - H1 Plumbing parts$7.781
Home Depot9561149 - Air Chuck for 2216$5.741
Home Depot9571250 - H2 Paint$23.711
Home Depot9594487 - Lock for SCBA files$11.741
Home Depot9972863 - credit$-129.361
Home Depot9974691 - Credit$-50.001
Home DepotDec 2014Credit - Credit$-64.571
Home DepotMARCH 2011 - MISC MAINT / SALT/ LANTERN ECT.$179.641
Home DepotOct - 2012 - Misc$9.951
Total $44,698.74 400