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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Fire Tech11221 - Final Payment - 2013 Project complete in 2014$11,535.201
Fire Tech11477 - Hq Maint- annual inspection of Fire Sprinkler$650.001
Fire Tech11565 - HQ work$1,300.001
Fire Tech13034 - HQ Fire Sprinkler testing$850.001
Fire Tech14693 - HQ ,Backflow and Sprinkler Sysytems testing$1,847.001
Fire Tech14728 - HQ air compressor and Nitrogen generator repair$634.881
Fire Tech14738 - H1 sprinkler and backflow testing$642.001
Fire Tech14816 - H3 Backflow and Sprinkler testing$1,760.001
Fire Tech3628-13 - sprinkler repair$48,399.121
Fire Tech9543 - HQ Sprinkler System$10,170.001
Fire Tech9806 - Fire sprinkler replacement$43,522.341
Fire Tech9935 - HQ Fire Sprinkler$1,725.341
Total $123,035.88 12