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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Dierbergs Market00923233 - Funeral flowers. Depew$87.001
Dierbergs Market02/02/11 - Supplies for Storm$12.161
Dierbergs Market03101301-35-4042611 - Admin day flowers S.Gerdes$92.002
Dierbergs Market07/30/2011 - Work session Refreshments$30.391
Dierbergs Market1149-565-2 - Captains Testing$12.311
Dierbergs Market12433001-35-4041912 - flowers- m.Depew$67.001
Dierbergs Market2090-575-2 - Ice Storm Prov$12.161
Dierbergs Market22325801-35-4043013 - flowers for J.Brand$82.001
Dierbergs Market2641-574-2 - Captains/Promotions$7.211
Dierbergs Market26448501354101413 - Flowers for Donna Burle-$77.001
Dierbergs Market28151701-35-4122713 - Flowers for S.Swyers$87.001
Dierbergs Market32473701-35-4051614 - Flowers for chesterfield Fire Chief$67.001
Dierbergs Market44052001-35-4101215 - Flowers for Funeral E.Biele$162.951
Dierbergs Market56594401-35-4042617 - Admin day$132.911
Dierbergs Market59658301-35-4092117 - Funeral flowers- Margaret Carter$87.951
Dierbergs Market7509-130-2 - 08/20/2011 Work session refreshments$29.141
Dierbergs Market7771-130-2 - Work session - Refreshments$19.301
Dierbergs Market869-565-2 - Refreshments for Capt Training$13.261
Total $1,078.74 19