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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Allied Waste Services.3460142835492 - Nov all Loaction Billing$525.311
Allied Waste Services0346-013567530 - all location trash pick -pick up$699.291
Allied Waste Services0346-013603914 - All location Trash pick up$493.481
Allied Waste Services0346-013691233 - All Location Trash Pick up$491.021
Allied Waste Services0346-0137366596 - all location trash pick up$487.201
Allied Waste Services0346-013818196 - All Location Trash pick up$486.661
Allied Waste Services0346-013894724 - All Location - Trash pick up$493.921
Allied Waste Services0346-013936822 - All Locarions Trash pick up$475.821
Allied Waste Services0346-014028951 - All Location Trash pick up$486.451
Allied Waste Services0346-014106287 - All Locations$985.661
Allied Waste Services0346-014167587 - All llocations$28.811
Allied Waste Services0346-014260291 - All Locations Trash pick up$513.931
Allied Waste Services0346-014341127 - all Locations Trash pick up$518.131
Allied Waste Services0346-014390796 - All Locations trash pick up$520.121
Allied Waste Services0346-014491014 - All Location Trash Service$520.271
Allied Waste Services0346-014617345 - August billing$517.801
Allied Waste Services0346-014706712 - All Loacation Trash$568.031
Allied Waste Services0346-014783177 - All location trash pick up$520.031
Allied Waste Services0346-014921722 - All Locations 10-24-10/30/2012$756.681
Allied Waste Services0346-015007989 - All Location Dec Billing$756.681
Allied Waste Services0346-015145929 - March Billing$579.211
Allied Waste Services0346-015225619 - All Locations Trash pick up$562.911
Allied Waste Services0346-015273960 - May Billing$636.621
Allied Waste Services0346-015363889 - June Billing$574.131
Allied Waste Services0346-015445890 - All locations June Billing$487.851
Allied Waste Services0346-015759477 - Oct billing$686.111
Allied Waste Services0346-01593287 - Dec Billing$686.241
Allied Waste Services0346-01597345 - All Location trash$633.941
Allied Waste Services0346-015983705 - All loactions Jan billing$684.791
Allied Waste Services0346-016072408 - Feb Billing$805.311
Allied Waste Services0346-016153720 - All locations Feb- march billing$713.391
Allied Waste Services0346-016204550 - All Location billing$712.531
Allied Waste Services0346-016293888 - all locations - May 2014$716.621
Allied Waste Services0346-14567179 - all location trash pick up$518.501
Allied Waste Services0346015058858 - Feb Billing$463.361
Allied Waste Services11/20/13 - November 2013$685.121
Allied Waste Services303460102846 - All location - Sept billing$748.371
Allied Waste Services346013263685 - basic service-all locations$676.691
Allied Waste ServicesFeb 2011 - All location trash pick up$1,361.731
Allied Waste ServicesFeb-2011-1 - 2/28/2011 Trash Billing$7.501
Allied Waste ServicesMARCH - WASTE SERVICE ALL LOCATIONS$692.641
Allied Waste Servicessept-2013 - All locations$690.351
Total $25,169.20 42