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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
All-Ways Open29 - New locks for H1, H2 H5 and HQ$1,341.001
All-Ways Open29795 - HQ repairr to key pad$87.001
All-Ways Open29876 - HQ Garage door push lock$475.501
All-Ways Open29984 - H1 Garage door spring kit$97.501
All-Ways Open30528 - HQ front door repair lock$87.001
All-Ways Open32922 - H2 Deadlock for knob$132.951
All-Ways Open32944 - H5 Door spring kit$94.031
All-Ways Open33028 - H4 door locks reset codes$99.001
All-Ways Open33029 - HQ code change$159.801
All-Ways Open33030 - H1 door$62.001
All-Ways Open33031 - H5 Door lock code change$43.501
All-Ways Open33138 - H5 repair lock on kitchen door$135.851
All-Ways Open33225 - H3 door lock$592.631
All-Ways Open33840 - H1 Keys$76.361
All-Ways Open34011 - HQ door repair$76.011
All-Ways Open34012 - H5 Locks$49.501
All-Ways Open34537 - H5 Remove Cylinder$89.361
All-Ways Open34625 - H4 repair lock$106.731
All-Ways Open35356 - Hq - Recode door$92.001
All-Ways Open35362 - H4 door code$99.001
All-Ways Open35363 - H1 recode door$62.001
All-Ways Open35364 - H5 recode door$62.001
All-Ways Open35715 - H1 door repair - push paddle$124.431
All-Ways Open35746 - Keys for storage door in Garage$57.611
All-Ways Open35818 - Service repair for door at H1$92.001
All-Ways Open36067 - H4 Change combo$123.501
All-Ways Open36068 - HQ Change Combo$92.001
All-Ways Open36384 - Keys to paper towel dispenser - House 5$60.311
All-Ways Open36498 - House 1, 2, 4, 5 - door code change$223.001
All-Ways Open36709 - H2 repair to front door code lock$113.251
All-Ways Open37077 - HQ and H4 latch handle door code locks$196.501
All-Ways Open38087 - HQ keys and service call$62.001
Total $5,265.32 32