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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Air Cleaning Specialist0092399-in - H1 Pressure Censor$70.001
Air Cleaning Specialist0095644-in - Chrome Nozzle Maint$333.301
Air Cleaning Specialist0096073-in - Exhaust system Maintenance Bldg$926.101
Air Cleaning Specialist0096481-IN - Exhaust System at Maint. Bldg$198.001
Air Cleaning Specialist0097464-in - H3 spring balancer$468.001
Air Cleaning Specialist0100067-in - Part for Maint White hose$455.081
Air Cleaning Specialist0102705-in - H4 hose adapter and clamp$69.381
Air Cleaning Specialist0104579-in - H4 Plymovent$469.001
Air Cleaning Specialist0107062in - H4 Fume a vent$489.001
Air Cleaning Specialist91701 - plymovent grabber assy,elbo$300.301
Total $3,778.16 10