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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Crown Trophy11-1571 - R.Herin,S.Swyers name plates$195.002
Crown Trophy11-1674 - Rick Gans award$100.001
Crown Trophy12-1014 - New Name plates for New Chief$32.951
Crown Trophy12-1230 - Door signs for HQ$63.951
Crown Trophy12-1848 - Name plate for Admin$20.951
Crown Trophy12-2196 - Name plate for S.Karl$20.951
Crown Trophy13-1225 - Battalion Chief Name plate$20.951
Crown Trophy13-1404 - R.Antonacci Name plate$20.951
Crown Trophy13-1668 - J.Cunningham sign for board room$20.951
Crown Trophy13-2551 - Door plate for Fire inspector$21.951
Crown Trophy13-2637 - Door plate for J, Gaylord FPB$21.951
Crown Trophy14-1178 - Door plate and Holder For L.Lexow$37.951
Crown Trophy14-1594 - Name plates for C.Spiegel$40.951
Crown Trophy14-1594--01 - Spiegel name plate$18.001
Crown Trophy15-1236 - name plates HQ$57.951
Crown Trophy15-1356 - Inspector name plate$22.951
Crown Trophy15-1492 - engraved signs for BC's$22.951
Crown Trophy15-1866 - Nameplates for Gans and Crews$41.951
Crown Trophy16-1279 - Nameplate for L.Schwartz- FPB$23.951
Crown Trophy17-2221 - Name plate for J. Millner$23.951
Crown Trophy17-2432 - L.Crews Name Plate$23.951
Crown Trophy17-2542 - Nameplate- Shanna$23.951
Total $879.05 23