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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Cee Kay Supply1224013 - Acetylene Rental$13.501
Cee Kay Supply1228964 - Maint. Tools & Supplies$13.851
Cee Kay Supply1231652 - Monthly Actylene Main$12.801
Cee Kay Supply1234126 - Monthly Acetylene for maint$13.851
Cee Kay Supply1236868 - Monthly Acetylene Rental$13.501
Cee Kay Supply1239389 - May Billing$13.851
Cee Kay Supply1241843 - Maint Acetylene$13.501
Cee Kay Supply1246622 - Maint- Acetylene$13.851
Cee Kay Supply1249462 - Sept Billing$13.501
Cee Kay Supply1252132 - 10/01-10/31/2011 Acerylene- Maint$13.851
Cee Kay Supply1254716 - Dec Billing$13.501
Cee Kay Supply1257035 - Maint - Dec billing$13.851
Cee Kay Supply1259599 - Maint Feb Billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1262392 - acetylene rental 2/1-2/29/2012$13.591
Cee Kay Supply1265269 - Maarch Billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1267612 - May Billing$13.951
Cee Kay Supply1270477 - June Billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1273048 - June Billing$13.951
Cee Kay Supply1275632 - July Billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1280406 - August Billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1282762 - September Billing$13.951
Cee Kay Supply1285796 - Oct Billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1288427 - Nov Billing$13.951
Cee Kay Supply1291023 - Dec Billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1293647 - Feb Billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1296559 - Feb Billing$13.221
Cee Kay Supply1299093 - March Billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1302051 - April Billing$13.951
Cee Kay Supply1304418 - May Billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1307100 - June billing$13.951
Cee Kay Supply1309821 - July Billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1312557 - Aug Billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1315240 - Sept billing$13.951
Cee Kay Supply1318434 - Oct Billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1320855 - Nov Billing$13.951
Cee Kay Supply1323944 - Dec Billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1326713 - Jan billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1329156 - Feb Billing$13.221
Cee Kay Supply1332180 - March billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1338281 - April Billing$13.951
Cee Kay Supply1361261 - Dec Billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1364112 - Jan billing$14.321
Cee Kay Supply1367038 - Feb Billing$13.721
Cee Kay Supply1370136 - March billing$12.261
Cee Kay Supply1436151 - Maint- Fluid$7.151
Cee Kay Supply1438975 - Shop welder gas$14.821
Cee Kay Supply3813375 - Welding supplies$456.511
Cee Kay Supply388820 - Repair for Torch on heavy hauler$4.211
Cee Kay Supply627911 - Welding supplies$153.701
Cee Kay Supply720734 - Welder for Maint - 2016$2,759.001
Total $4,008.11 50