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Vendor Item Description Expenditures Transactions
Card Services03/16/2012 - Aol Service$51.801
Card Services2401 - Kenny Groennert meeting$47.551
Card Services24108 - lodging ,Evans,Stecko,Gelven,Crews$714.641
Card Services24108478d - Lodging, Evans ,Stecko,Gelven,Crews$281.481
Card Services2416 - Scottrade- Conf lunch$391.265
Card Services2416407 - Fuel for Conference$35.001
Card Services2439900708jttkxd3 - 4 anti virus software for for boards computers$159.981
Card Services24427337al - Officers Lunch$16.701
Card Services2449398825 - Part for R.hering Cell Phone$25.501
Card Services2469 - Monthly Aol bill$24.951
Card Services2469-06/16 - Monthly AOL$24.951
Card Services2469/2469j8 - Aol monthly$49.901
Card Services690f7 - Joplin Response$31.501
Card ServicesDec-2011 - Dec Aol BILLING$25.901
Card Servicesdjn2k - Cellphone Case$19.461
Card Servicesdpvldp - Joplin Action Meeting$103.321
Card ServicesFeb -2012 - Feb Billing AOL$51.801
Card ServicesFeb- 2011 - Feb billing$304.702
Card ServicesJAN 11 - AOL SERIVES$174.952
Card ServicesMARCH 2011 - FDIC LODGING 3 PPL / AOL SERVI$649.952
Card ServicesNov-2011 - Monthly AOL fee$25.901
Card Servicesnseye90 - Joplin Response$57.001
Card Servicesnseyea2 - Joplin Response$108.011
Card ServicesQD5hp - Fuel for Joplin$27.501
Card ServicesQks8vt - Monthly AOL$24.951
Card ServicesS1Z2t - joplin Response$21.501
Card Servicesv1hz1k - Fire Dept/ Conf Dan Allen$1,604.813
Total $5,054.96 36