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Vendor Expenditures Transactions
11 x 17 Incorporated$82.001
2nd Wind Exercise, Inc.$13,884.004
A. H. Stock Manufacturing Corp$3,142.901
AA Key & Lock Service$4,673.2318
AARP Healthcare Options$84.131
Absopure Water Company$1,096.8752
Across the Street Productions$10,359.504
Adam Coughlin$50.001
Adam Stack$325.001
Advanced Automotive Electric & Repair$1,408.774
Advanced Bionics Inc$2,523.771
Affiliated Computer Services$1,000.002
Affton Radiator and A/C Service$1,510.993
Air Cleaning Specialist$3,778.1610
AJ Siebert$1,360.002
All American Applicance Service$391.953
All Brands Fitness Repair$2,315.1011
All Car Auto Glass$1,495.007
All Hazards Training & Consulting LLC$2,414.041
All-Ways Open$5,265.3232
Allbright Systems LLC$9,917.7521
Allianz Life Insurance Co$212,621.963
Allied Waste Services$25,169.2042
Alma Ayers$250.001
Alvin Sachs$1,515.001
Ameren Missouri- HQ$100,031.4776
Ameren Missouri$333,659.58457
American Burglary Fire Inc$12,241.0284
American Funds$221,500.001
American Heritage Life Insurance Co$61,353.9586
American Heritage Life Insurance Company$349.121
American Moblie Generator Service Inc$4,679.143
American Response Vehicles$258,300.224
American Test Center$11,920.256
Amy Johnson$240.003
Andy Stecko$858.274
Ann Sherwin$518.001
Anna Harris$475.001
Anthem BCBS$1,810.434
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield$254.531
Anthem Bluecross BlueShield$268.471
Appliance Discounters$1,268.001
April Dillion$114.001
Aquapure of missouri$540.004
Arch Industrial Supply$59.791
Architectural Sheet Metal$687.502
Area Wide Inc$2,534.503
Armstrong Medical$249.381
Arrow International Inc$24,822.2019
Arrow Terminal$17,248.7095
Arthritis Consultants$2,670.801
Arturo De Villar$20.001
Aschinger Electric company$98,314.8810
Ashley Yarbrough$50.002
Association of Public Treasurers of the US$174.001
ASSt Chief Marc Ulses$125.001
Atlantic Signal LLC$5,970.001
ATT Corporate TRUST UMB BANK$11,328.121
Audrey Bender$50.001
Auto Beauty Specilists$1,580.131
Automated Business Machines$2,365.0012
B & J Woodworking$995.001
B&J Woodworking$2,100.004
B.Chad Wagner$600.001
Baldwin/ Priesmeyer$238.601
Ballwin Glass Company$401.653
Banner Fire Equipment, Inc$737,009.62139
Barbara Hickey$83.781
Barken & Bakewell LLC$135,912.75105
Batteries Plus Bulbs$22,938.31105
Battleware Technologies, Inc.$1,231.451
Baxter Gardens of Chesterfield$1,929.004
BCBS of MO$339.201
BCBS-Central Region CCOA Lock Box$83.681
Beam of St. Louis$36.001
Bemes Inc$30,871.7638
Ben Hotop$1,593.005
Bergman Schraier & Co P.C.$6,800.001
Best Buy Business Advantage Account$10,673.4461
Beyond This Day$4,009.644
Bi-State Refrigeration$4,797.827
Bi-State Refrigeration Inc.$189.891
Big Boy Towing and Recovery$687.502
Bill Long$1,780.957
Bill's Appliances Inc.$500.001
Bill's Service Center$1,152.5315
Biomedical System Corp$60.621
BJC Healthcare- AR-Billing$100.001
BK Plumbing Inc$2,481.001
Blackmore and Glunt Inc.$44.801
Bleckman Machine & Supply Inc$137.501
BLM Technologies$947.682
Blue Chip Exterminating$22,216.3578
Bluefrog Plumbing and Drain$539.821
Bob Temm$1,590.395
Bob Wilhelm$128.143
Bolin Services Inc$5,719.2519
Borghi Floors Inc.$17,309.357
Botz, Deal & Company P.C.$123,452.0220
Bound Tree Medical LLC$103,231.93213
Brad Obertino$236.132
Braefield Owners Association$395.001
Branham Electric$267.501
Brannans Marine & Motorsports$203.481
Braun Construction Management Services, Inc.$378.001
Breanna Huellinghorst$600.001
Brian Eike$85.001
Brian Patton$150.003
Brian Shanika -$150.001
Brian Towsley$25.001
BrickStreet Insurance$781,335.002
Brindle Mountain Fire Apparatus$280.001
Bruce Morton$50.001
Bruntrager & Billings P.C.$73,565.8238
Bryan Ball$887.592
Buckeye Cleaning Center$46.341
Bud Carrow$200.001
Building Stars/St Louis Inc$37,565.7862
BullEX INC$465.001
Busch Heating and Cooling INC.$9,092.457
Byerly RV$125.981
Byrne & Jones Construction$8,873.002
Byrne Electric$9.001
C&H Distributors LLC$721.401
C.A. Westerhold$210.001
c/o Amy Johnson$50.001
c/o Amy Johnson, Treasurer$275.002
c/o Larry Boyle, Excutive Director$1,925.001
Cad Zone$1,655.001
Calvin McClain$87.501
Calwen Inc dba Rescue Source$733.651
Canberra Drover INC$167.301
Car Craft CarStar$12,588.545
Card Services$5,054.9636
Cardiac Science Corp.$286.602
Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital$50.002
Carpenters/ CMR$516.001
CarQuest Auto Parts$652.379
Carrot-Top Industries$479.071
Cary Spiegel$441.946
Cascade Subscription Service Inc$76.001
Catlett Reporting Inc$1,206.104
Cee Kay Supply$4,008.1150
CeeKay Supply$13.851
Center for Hearing and Speech$180.001
Center for Patient Safety$120.001
Center for Public Safety Excellence$325.001
Central Automotive Electric$812.944
Central County 911$6,326,331.22113
Certified Power Inc$716.065
Charles H. Billings, Attorney$56,845.0040
Charles E. Jahneke$750.001
Charles L. Crane Agency$60,000.001
Charles Landenberger$80.531
Charles Ossenfort$1,046.502
Charlie's Farm & Home$44.781
Charter Communications$50,828.04102
Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce$4,628.0044
Chesterfield Irrigation Co$9,607.1575
Chesterfield MinuteMan Press$76.001
Chesterfield Service Inc$8,278.0921
Chiquita Pullen$912.5014
Chris gelven$100.001
Chris Hammer$1,073.338
Chris Marshall$28.701
Chris Pignataro$125.001
Chrissy Kennedy$217.803
Christian Hospital - EMS Academy$250.001
Christopher Amenn$671.001
Christopher Koester$2,270.0029
Christopher Overy$1,402.652
Chuck Marsonette$39,343.2917
Cine Services Inc$2,983.996
Cintas Fire Protection$304.002
CINTAS LOCATION D65$24,502.5867
City of Manchester$250.002
CK Power$5,310.0110
Clarke Power Services Inc$58,405.8219
Classic Aire Care$2,404.008
Clifford Biele$3,184.305
Clifford Braatz$540.001
Clinical Collection Management Inc.$44,543.9091
CMS Express$2,593.503
Code Enforcement Officals of Southern Illinois$65.001
Code works$365.002
Collector of Revenue$11,852.103
Color Match Auto Interiors Inc.$495.003
Colorfully Yours Inc$13,403.387
Colormaster Automotive Paint$153.601
Command Solutions LLC$5,880.003
Commercial Capital Company LLC$43,230.007
Commercial Pumping Service LLC$3,399.5010
Communication Applied Technology$5,971.671
Con-Space Communications$1,304.981
Concentra Medical Centers of the Southwest$231.004
Concept Electrial Services LLC$2,024.166
Connect your care LLC$84.801
Consumer Collection Mngt$116.001
Conventry Healthcare of MO$1,700.002
Conway Meadows Condo Assoc$92.501
Cooks Boats and Motors$70.471
Corporate Flooring Group$13,627.003
Corporate Trust Division - UMB Bank$636,328.122
Corrine McClure$150.001
Corrpak INC$8,818.573
Corvel Corporation$69.441
Cotteville Fire Rescue$690.001
Cottleville Fire Protection District$150.002
Cottleville FPD$130.001
Coventry Claims$778.301
Coventry Healthcare$900.001
Craig Shormas$474.001
Craig Sullivan$522.002
Crest Industries$2,120.6314
Crown Excel Disposal$274.511
Crown Trophy$879.0523
CSI of St. Louis, Inc$4,498.7525
CSTK ST LOUIS$8,012.5427
Cummins Mid- South LLC$7,901.4615
Curt Martin$50.001
Custom Blueprint & Supply, INC$108.892
Cyndi Dreyfus$43.601
Cypress Creek EMS$5,100.001
D & L Rideout$2,869.0012
D&S Septic Tank and Sewer Service Inc$625.001
Dale Sign Service Inc$1,588.005
Dan Allen$4,370.009
Dan Geile$4,827.118
Dan Hinson$1,788.816
Dan Kesel$5,250.001
Dan Osburg$517.003
Dan Stoverink$50.001
Dana Buckley$700.002
Daniel Davis$289.801
Dave Houston$165.542
Dave Nichols$1,581.542
Dave Schmidt$8,488.0636
Dave Schmitt$2,177.3016
David Givens$50.001
David Hartmann$150.001
David Hewkin$50.002
David Klarich$13,750.0011
David McCall$92.031
Defender Supply$80,306.901
Degal Truck Center$1,193.862
Degel Truck Center$67,634.8223
Dehart Group LLC$1,333.005
Del Fire Store$731.891
Department of Revenue$22.001
Depaul Medical Group$10,290.002
Derek Hanley$100.002
Devin Rood$147.201
DFND Technologies LLC$16,846.50119
Diane Koenemann$518.001
Dierbergs Market$1,078.7419
Diestelkamp LLC$3,100.002
Digital Combustion Inc$3,545.001
Director of Revenue$25.001
Discovery Health Record Solutions$21.001
Dive Rescue International Inc$121.801
Diversified inspections/Independent testing labs$2,642.352
Division of Employment Security$14,481.206
Dixie Blatt- Paramedic Education$400.001
DNT Leasing A Program of De lage$19,990.0668
Document & Network Technologies$25,073.78143
Documents in Dispute, Inc.$750.001
Donald Morgan$1,804.111
Donald Stallman$605.001
Donna Kessler$671.653
Door Service Inc$2,913.7512
Dorma USA Inc$3,917.485
Dottie Reynolds$10.901
DoubleTree Hotel & Conference$5,184.692
Drexel Technologies$5,324.0816
Dri-Port Marine$459.332
Driveshafts Unlimited$426.361
DTOMC LLC$350.001
Ductz of West St Louis$2,875.001
Duo-Safety Ladder Corporation Corporation$140.051
Dustin Poncin$1,497.5019
DWS Trust Company$17,351.591
E & E Hydraulics and Industrial Maintenance INC$1,740.6611
E. Meier Contracting, Inc.$41,273.005
E.V.P.P. Inc$1,155.406
EA Medical$453.451
Earl Adams$9,684.546
East Central College$125.001
Eastern Fire Equipment Services$452.074
Ed fassler$1,303.501
Ed Roehr Safety Products$2,536.508
EDM Publishing$921.486
Edward Fierce$84.161
Ekon Benefits$123,304.0033
Elina Chen$5.001
Elizabeth Beers$107.001
Elizabeth Goodson$5,665.371
Elliot Data Systems, Inc$29,124.0019
Emergency Engineered Aolutions$950.001
Emergency Medical Products$1,903.685
Emergency Service Assistance and Consultants$7,445.005
Emergency Service Supply$217.201
Emergency Vehicle Care Center LLC$1,428.8611
Emergency Vehicle parts and Products, INC$18,383.1333
Employment Publishing$1,047.003
Emsar St. Louis$14,400.6517
Energy Petroleum B135$603,089.971,829
Engine house Training L.L.C.$625.003
Engine House Training LLC$100.002
England and Co Case management Inc$58,037.3552
Entenmann-Rovin Co$22,083.6364
Enviromental Systems Research Institute Inc.$1,010.001
Ephram Barton$5,142.806
Ephriam Barton "Lee"$867.171
Ergometrics & Appiled$5,669.803
ESO Solutions$26,985.003
Eugene Weiss$46.832
Explorers Post$5,000.002
Exxon Mobil Fleet Services$1,213.262
Fabick Power Systems Inc$77,551.0136
Faegre Baker Daniels$13,444.146
Fastenal Company$2,628.5172
Fastsigns of Bridgeton$551.501
FDSOA Membership$455.003
Federation of Fire Chaplains$200.002
FedEx Office$227.501
Ferno - Washington Inc.$5,722.982
Fick Supply Service Inc$2,903.2588
Fire Department Safety$85.001
Fire Engineering$79.003
Fire Marshals Assoc. of MO$1,110.0010
Fire Master$8,892.565
Fire Protection Publications$3,633.004
Fire Safety Education$890.542
Fire Safety Inc$1,825.505
Fire Service management$3,930.3310
Fire Service Women of Illinois$100.001
Fire Smart$6,374.004
Fire Tech$131,716.0619
Firefighters Association of Missouri$1,432.5012
Firehouse Magazine$300.002
Firehouse Signs & Designs$75.001
Firetec Used Appraratus Sales$4,000.001
First Call Auto Parts/O'Reilly Auto Parts$1,187.1815
Fish Window Cleaning$177.001
Fitness Showcase$1,098.001
Fleet Pride$2,691.139
Fleet Services$18,770.6024
Fleetsupplier LLC$1,157.182
Florissant Valley Fire Protection District$2,200.0016
Flynn Drilling Company$3,205.473
Foam Engineers$1,442.001
Focal Pointe Outdoor Solutions$1,697.005
Force 6 Safety Products Inc$4,060.002
Foremost Promotions$14,274.7515
Formax Printing Solutions$26,680.8044
Foster Coach Sales$472,026.23106
Francis Gill$81.651
FRANCIS ROTH, Jr.$80.531
Franco Fire Equipment LLC$132,363.5143
Frank Hornbuckle$1,740.523
Fred Goodson$68,685.924
French Gerleman$2,273.557
Frost Electric Supply Company$346.496
Ftiness Showcase$351.001
Galati Tuckpointing$7,334.002
Galls An Aramark Company$284.951
Galls LLC$326.931
Gamma Tree Experts$850.001
Gary Durham$1,000.773
Gas Appliances Service, LLC$742.0310
Gates Design$958.891
Gateway Safety Consulting, LLC$2,105.002
Gateway Sewer and Drain Inc.$3,371.2510
Gearld McCaul$250.001
Geldbach Petroleum$13,536.6517
Gene Weiss$670.083
Genesco Window and BLDG$3,004.304
Geoffrey theodore$445.881
George Gilbertson JR$822.001
Gerald Ashford$2,400.001
Gerald Cook$10.001
Gerald DeWeese$2,542.863
GFOA - Cynthia Freeman$200.001
GFOA / MO$1,342.9510
GHP/ Coventry$338.801
Glatfelter Claims Management$10,000.002
Glen Hornbuckle$2,258.048
Golden West Ind. Supply$349.791
Gonzalez Companies, LLC$6,767.002
Gore Perry Reporting & Video$1,751.808
Goverment Finance Officers Association$1,400.005
Grant Cooper and Assocaites Inc.$40,131.548
Gravois Auto Radiator Co.$5,636.5012
Greater St Louis Region Fire/ems Officers Ass$75.001
Greater St Louis Regional EMS Officers Assoc.$350.002
Green Sky Cleaning Supply$42,201.3781
Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale P.C.$50.001
Greg Farris$568.003
Greg Nivens Woodworking LLC$6,005.006
Gregory Johnson$542.001
GroupCast LLC$1,440.001
Gruettemeyer & Co Inc.$8,570.0010
GSLAFCA - Special Programs$1,125.004
GSLAFCA- Chief Association$1,275.003
GSLAFCA- EMS Officers Association$75.003
GSLAFCA- Special Programs$600.001
GSLAFCA- Training Coordinates$575.005
Guest Services$306.122
Gwen Borgmann$60.341
Hack Multimedia Development$3,405.0029
Haines & Company INC$1,653.542
Hampton Shoe$2,562.459
Handyman Hardware$2,381.1161
Hardin Tree Service$1,900.002
HArris Dowell Fisher & Harris L.C.$9,409.2718
Harris School Solutions$11,060.368
Haslag Steel Sales Inc.$436.922
Health and Safety Services$600.001
Health Care Logistics, Inc.$436.332
Health Studies Center$1,550.611
Heather Gronnert$1,303.651
Heavy Duty Equipment$33,594.99163
Heidi Jones$370.021
Helget Gas Products Inc.$24,621.98328
Hellbent Performance$223.561
Henry Schein INC$3,650.001
Hildred Stack$86.531
Hochschild, Bloom & Company LLP$19,800.002
Hoffman & Slocomb, LLC$123,710.9577
Holiday Chevrolet$231,520.944
Holmes Water Treatment Co.$278.642
Home Depot$44,698.74400
Home Team$1,147.9015
Honeywell Analytics INC$3,182.814
HOT Fire and Safety$1,714.762
Huntleigh McGehee$13,468.008
Husch Blackwell$190.001
IAFC c/o Experient, Inc$625.001
IAFC Membership$3,848.0017
ICON Contracting INC.$84,292.486
IHM Academy of EMS$1,693.598
IL- Chapter of the IAAI$200.002
Ila Sachs$1,515.001
Imad Nassar$400.001
Image Solutions USA$36,384.55175
Ina Van Gels$1,119.001
Incredible Engravings$970.353
Industrial Soap Company$550.442
Ingenix Subrogation$448.001
Ingenix Subrogation Services$542.001
Institution of Fire Engineers, US Branch$131.001
Intellectual Developement Incorp$100,934.6146
Internatinal Code Council$2,238.284
Internatinal Code Council 2$571.094
International Association of Arson Investigators$75.001
International Code Council$14.991
International Code Council, Inc$3,465.6513
International Society of Fire Service Instructors$250.002
Interstate All Battery Center$2,265.043
Interstate Battery System$25,853.9387
Interstate Billling Services, INC$63,050.43100
ISG Infrasya$4,501.8540
J.J. Kokesh & Son Plumbing$25,979.3632
J.W. Terrill - Marsch & Mclean Agency LLC$28,858.9144
J.W. Terrill Benefit Admin$58,277.0664
Jake Kwiatkowski$1,520.003
James Bathe$8,241.195
James Chapman$740.001
James J colye, MD, LLC$250.001
James Staat Tuckpointing INC$32,913.002
James Wilcox$781.002
Jane Cunningham$201.711
Jason Herin$5,250.001
Jason Kotz$8,837.803
Jay Henges Enterprises Inc.$26,670.407
Jean Lamacchia$93.781
Jean Reiley$69.561
Jeanie Meis$85.761
Jeff Blocker$400.003
Jeff's Complete Upholstery$1,240.004
Jefferson County Fire Investigation Team$220.002
Jefferson County Fire Investigator$225.001
Jefferson County fire Marshal's Assn.$750.006
Jeffrey Blocker$932.003
Jeffrey Frankel$89.601
Jenna Pozezinski$116.201
Jerry Jarlwala$1,235.001
Jessica Logan$385.921
Jim Mckay$663.299
Jim Peters Signs$80.002
Jim Wilcox$18,818.5517
Job Target$550.002
Joe Percich$300.001
Joe Rallo$500.001
Joe Ruhl$1,030.003
Joey Newton$1,720.834
John Borgmann$119.243
John McCain$150.001
John McCarthy$300.001
John Short$8,911.204
John Vangels$1,119.001
Johnny Dickherber JR$305.001
Jon Naughton$225.003
Jon Shoop$210.453
Jones & Barlett Learning$903.531
Jones & Lockhart Welding INC.$75.001
Joseph E Morgan, MD, PC$329.701
Joseph Heuman$187.001
Joseph Walsh Jr$1,254.882
Josh Moran$24,785.0713
Joy Jewlelers$1,583.781
Joyce McMahon$1,035.001
JS Express Inc.$46.681
Julie Gaylord$592.533
Just Printing$175.001
Justin Rottmann$25,168.0615
Kaemmerlen Electric$90.001
Kansas State ank$5,510.622
Kansas State bank$110,212.4040
Katherine Walsh$103.601
Katie Herin$225.001
KCATF/ Seminar registration$200.001
Kelly Thoenen$1,852.502
Ken Hansel$450.003
Kenjo Hoker$18.511
Kenneth Groennert c/o Heather$9,742.361
Kenneth Hansel$200.001
Kenworth Of St Louis Inc$1,828.545
Kevin Fuston$262.503
Kevin Magan$87.501
Kevin McCullough$1,307.004
Kevin Scheurer$50.001
Kevin Scowden$100.001
Kim Evans$896.811
Kim Kowaleski$241.205
Kimberly Thomas$25.001
King Septic Service Engineering$1,375.002
Knapheide Truck EQ Center$209.101
Kodner Watkins Muchnick & Weigley, LC$128,586.2687
Koester's Lawn & Landscaping$140.001
Kokatat Inc.$294.434
Kopytek Inc$12,583.023
KS State Bank$745,704.5411
Kussmaul Electronics CO INC$3,382.197
Kwik Kopy$34,763.5159
Kyle's Landscape Service$500.001
L.Keeley Construction$64,221.002
Lab Safety$86.681
Laclede Gas Company$148,306.48359
LAESA 2015 Convention$207.002
Lands End Business Outfitters$347.952
Lands' End Business Outfitters$2,731.1321
Lanswers INC$675.002
Larry Beauchamp$322.002
Larry Penrod$1,731.341
Laura Bates$536.001
Lavalle Taylor C/O Brian Lavelle$35.601
Lazboy Furniture Galleries$14,026.893
Leach Painting Company$19,984.007
Leah Frederick$345.634
Leah Walsh$1,570.919
Legal Shield$39,547.7882
Lens Master$404.401
Leo Ellebracht Company$408,818.2071
Leo Schwartz$243.004
Leon Uniform Company$330,303.912,476
Les Crews$1,357.333
Les Lexow$110.684
Liberty Art Works$12,125.003
LightSquared LP$17,180.2077
Lindsey Morgan$30.001
LION Apparel Inc$230.001
Lisa Rochester$770.001
London Corley$850.001
LOU FUSZ FORD$5,611.4036
Louis Churchhill$83.581
Lynn Carey$118.001
M & M Golf Cars LLC$201.381
M&I Bank$35,210.002
M.R. Nyren Company$7,225.417
Magnum Electronics$23,074.607
Mail Finance$10,862.8653
Management Communications Systems, Inc.$1,000.003
Marco Technologies LLC$2,876.689
Marco Technologies LLC-General Sales$6,859.5729
Marian Hungerford$536.001
Marianna Kaempfe$50.001
Marilyn Harris$2,897.8922
Mark Andrada$530.671
Mark Brodsky$524.001
Mark Kraatz$28.811
Mark Patterson$30.001
Marvin Fick$300.003
Mary Walkenbach$536.001
Maryland Heights Fire District$4,591.561
Mathew Brigman$50.821
Mathew Edmundson$33.641
Mathew Fitzgerald$160.001
Matt Lawler$1,172.546
Matt Palada$82.001
Matthew Edmundson$33.641
Matthew Lawler$204.331
Mattie Baker$79.541
Maureen Lovette$50.001
Maurice Rothermich$3,073.933
Max Fitness$572.501
Max Norris$700.003
Maya Walters$50.001
MCI Anytime for Small Business$7,787.1068
McMaster-Carr Supply Co.$251.341
McNeil & Company, Inc.$405,789.2216
McNeil & Company, Inc. NY$23,507.601
Medicare Part B$703.282
Mediclaims, Inc.$164,093.7378
Medicus Health Direct, Inc$491.981
Meineke Car care Center$402.642
Melissa Dumas$25.501
Melissa Massie$116.001
Melvin Fick$292.004
Memorial Service Marketing$1,195.001
Mercy - East Central Training Center$40.001
Mercy Corporate Health$1,552.514
Mercy Hospital$712.002
Mercy Hospital - St Louis$4,200.003
Mercy Hospital St Louis$11,430.0010
Mercy Hospital St Louis$2,407.808
Mercy Hospital St. Louis$150.001
Mercy Hospitals East Community$43,803.0012
Mercy Specialized Billing Services$80,788.7276
Mercy- Continuing Medical Education Office$108.001
Meridian Medical Technologies$3,575.001
Meritan Health$94.211
Merril Lynch$22,517.672
MES- MIDAM$457.372
Metro Electric Supply$842.869
Metropolitan Fire Marshals Assoc$300.004
Metropolitan Fire Marshals Assocation$125.001
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer$2,174.6415
Metropolitan Urological Specialists$220.371
MFPD General Fund$2,491.564
Micah Bowles$50.001
Michael Arnhart$800.001
Michael Bone$150.001
Michael Gentile$10,716.153
Michael Kirchoff$85.681
Michael Limmer$150.001
Michael Russell$1,606.501
Michael Zluhan$909.123
Micheal Davis$3,101.014
Michelle DePew$2,616.6112
Michigan Rescue Concept$5,890.905
Micro Center$4,789.842
Mid America Equipment Company$2,420.5214
Mid America Truck tops and Trailers$6,712.008
Mid-West Protective service Inc$1,212.503
MidAmerica Equipment Company$437.263
Midwest Fire$256,459.003
Midwest Orthopedic Consulting LLC$250.001
Midwest Systems Truck Equipment Inc.$4,480.421
Midwst Breathing Air LLC$296.911
Mike Catellano$630.0010
Mike Dietzler$250.002
Mike Fumagalli$50.001
Mike Kaufman$1,112.5012
Mike King$50.001
Mike Pijut$475.003
Milligan Diesel & Electric$25,104.3723
MillPro Marine LLC$2,418.002
MilPro Marine LLC$73.151
Mindy Wood$40.001
Mine Safety Appliances Company$1,300.001
Minuteman Press$496.253
Miracle Supply Company$1,952.3914
Missouri Ambulance Association$600.001
Missouri American Water Co.$100,532.45197
Missouri Association of Building Officials & Insp$210.001
Missouri Association of Career Fire Protection$3,000.001
Missouri Association of Fire Chiefs$927.003
Missouri Chapter IAAI$80.004
Missouri Chapter International Association$20.001
Missouri Commission on Human Rights$2,405.002
Missouri Department of Labor$16.001
Missouri Employers Mutual$659,518.002
Missouri Fire and Ambulance$2,088,848.006
Missouri Fire Chaplin Corp$350.001
Missouri General Insurance agency$687.501
Missouri Goverment Finance Officers$230.002
Missouri Lawyers Media$4,488.9271
Missouri License Bureau$77.003
Missouri Notary Service and Bonding$114.991
Missouri Ornamental Iron Co$1,110.002
MO Div of Employment Security$6,400.001
MO Healthnet t Division$536.001
MO Vocational Enterprises$361.535
Moblie Power Hydralics$144.132
Modern Business Interiors$7,584.604
MOGFOA -$150.001
Mold Solutions$1,640.001
Monarch Fire Fighters$3,490.005
Monarch Fire Protection District$169,201.53150
Monarch Fire Protection District - General Fund$83,536.5780
Montgomery Ban k$246,576.831,199
Montgomery Bank$133,993.17723
Montgomery Bank- Old account$5.001
Moore Computing, LLP$2,320.755
Moore Medical$3,817.606
Moore Medical Corp$236,217.19342
MoralStone Drug Screening$3,752.006
Motorola Solutions$632.631
Mr. Goodcents$2,936.2927
MSC 410836$800.001
MU Conference Office$3,500.008
Mudjacking STL$800.001
Nancy Mitchell$598.401
Nation & Fletcher, Inc.$1,944.074
National Depo$352.753
National Fire Codes$5,931.505
National Fire Protection Assn$150.001
National Fire Protection Association$1,570.503
National Fire Sprinkler Assoc$170.002
National Life Insurance Co.$7,311.6179
National Notary Association$230.001
National Sales Co.$28.091
National Seminars Training$697.002
Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company Of America$617.002
Neal Brockmiller$4,513.8917
Nelson & Nelson Attorneys at Law$95.821
Neofunds By Neopost$245.151
Neumayer Equipment Co., Inc.$13.701
Nevada Technical Associates$144.951
New Pig Corporation$3,444.367
Newsmagazine Network$1,605.003
Nick Demere$11,869.8212
Nick Harper$18,898.5123
Nick Smith$4,602.3811
Nicole Martin$880.0012
Niles Lankford Group$10,335.0043
Noah Cutshall$135.002
Nolan Sanders$152.002
North America Rescue LLC$6,525.693
NSEFOc/o IAFC$50.001
O'Reilly Automotive Inc$1,214.0412
O.M.J.C Signal Inc$20.241
Office Depot$4,429.3046
Office Furniture$3,640.201
Office Max$1,406.313
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.$637,617.80256
Omni Tree Service Inc$240.001
One Source Water$1,979.1215
Optimum Value Laser, Inc.$2,205.0011
Orthopedic Assocaites LLC$12,036.5038
Orthopedic Associates LLC$10,728.0041
Overhead Door$1,119.883
P.F.F.I.A Training Symposium$630.004
Pacific Fire District$250.001
Pan Electronics, Inc.$430.002
Partners Insurance$176,017.5021
Parts Plus$35,329.10390
Pat Yaeger$2,000.001
Patent Law Office$1,364.582
Patricia Goellner$882.001
Patricia Yeager$28,769.2315
Pattonville Fire District$1,740.002
Pattonville Fire Protection District$5,125.005
Patty Rose$3,086.402
Paul Conway Shields$3,067.8011
Pauline Jaworski$103.562
Paychex - Human Resource Services$3,915.0325
Paychex, LOC#62$70,983.33195
Paychexs of New York LLC$45,827.7369
PCS Mobile$3,470.001
PDI Group, Inc.$3,654.555
Pennwell Corporation$615.001
Performance training Systems, INC$7,545.773
Personal Assistance Service$7,305.902
Personal Assitance Serv.$7,278.242
PFFIA Training Sysposium$160.001
Phillip Renner$1,126.242
Phone Connection$480.004
Physicians Desk Reference$77.901
Pierce Manufacturing Inc.$200,225.001
Plaza Fleet Parts$33,962.4288
Plaza Tire Service$983.6119
Positive Promotions$632.751
PowerArc, Inc.$16,649.2621
Powertech Electric, Inc.$741.451
Praetorian Group$4,948.002
Prairie Archway International Trucks$26,331.405
Precision Door St Louis Inc$1,300.002
Preferred Resource NetworkInc.$32,529.1213
Priority care emergency management systems$16,862.002
ProComm Voice & Data Solutions dba Kyron$600.001
Professional Employment Group$1,920.003
Professional Fire & Fraud Invest Assn$750.0011
Progress 64 West$3,480.0017
Progressive Waste Solutions of MO Inc.$3,777.5433
Promotional Capital LLC$727.751
Prorehab Administration$922.461
Purcell Tire Co.$164,811.16155
Quill Corporation$146,258.79894
R&R Contracting Service INC$1,687.0018
R.V. Wagner Inc.$28,945.001
Radio Shack$13.302
Randy Weber$60.953
Rasheedah El-amin$104.801
Ray Antonacci$255.001
Raymond Fecteau$66.341
Regions Interstate Billing Services, Inc.$33.421
Reis Environmental, Inc.$36,193.2967
Reliable Office Supplies$5,228.0258
Reliance Communications LLC.$2,400.002
Republic Services #346$26,966.5336
Rescue Gear$4,901.071
Rescue Repair, Inc.$39,540.3878
Respond Right$560.003
Retirement Plan Advisors$200.001
Reuther Automotive Grouup LLC$166.761
Rich Levin$779.005
Richard Comte$2,999.081
Richard J. Condon and Assoc$375.001
Richard Orr$4,331.944
Richo USA, Inc$234.341
Rick Gans$186.671
Ricoh USA Inc.$1,599.013
Rising Above$2,000.001
RJ Kool Cpmpany$1,938.644
RJ Liebbe Athletic Lettering Co$2,500.001
RJP Electric$3,356.0010
Robb Watkins$960.001
Robert H. Kleine Painting Company INC$15,800.007
Robert Billings$30.561
Robert Church$1,204.881
Robert Corley$850.001
Robert Hopper$1,385.823
Robert Rhodes$130.002
Robert Warden$885.006
Robert White$225.001
Robert Wilhelm$100.002
Robert Wright$8,768.487
Roberts Perryman$3,151.506
Robery Hormell III$506.001
Robin Echele$4,751.7512
Rock- n- Rescue /J.E. Weinel, INC$157.811
Rockhurst University Continuing Education$348.002
Roger Herin$798.865
Roger Morris$5,185.002
RollNRack LLC$9,357.004
Ron Carr$350.001
Roto- Rooter Plumbing and drain service$1,246.102
Royal Gate Dodge$3,095.8214
Rush Truck Center$963.732
Russ Adams$1,642.006
Ruth John$100.001
Ryan Hirsch$100.001
Ryleigh Miles C/O Parents$459.001
S & S Automotive$47,655.70676
S&S Automotive$2,387.5932
Safe Kids Worldwide$300.001
Safe ride News Publications$212.501
Safety and Fire Exchange LLC$4,852.505
Sage Software Inc$10,380.374
Sam Jenne$140.173
Sams Club$85,205.85370
Sandra Levy$99.611
Sandra Wood$94.731
Sara Johnson$536.001
Sarah Papish$10.001
Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants$16,901.9026
Schuhmacher Fire Equipment$364,049.72510
Scott Brazill$777.764
Scott Brown$100.001
Scott Safety$422.335
Scott Wilward$1,023.001
SCR Medical LLC$50.001
Sean Porter$165.663
Sears Commercial One$1,455.658
Select Comfort Corporation$6,779.881
Sentec Inc$3,908.287
Sentinel Emergency Solutions$409,151.04215
Septic Services, Inc$1,080.003
Seth Baskett$20.001
Shaefer Auto Body Centers$687.271
Shane Bruder$488.102
Shanna Gelb$670.004
Shawn Karl$2,313.246
Sheila Vasser$98.951
Shelby Penrod$50.001
Sherwin-Williams CO$370.653
Shirley Bowling$25.001
Skeleton key & Brightsouce IT$73,483.8810
SkillPath Seminars$130.902
Slattery Painting Company$1,739.002
SLRTCA- East Central EMS Commitee$40.001
Smiley Antenna Co, Inc.$269.502
Smith Mcgehee Insurance Services$3,571,620.0070
Snap On Industrial$11,514.4415
Snelling Staffing Services$44,160.0058
Society For Human Resource Management$944.005
Sondra Alu$518.001
Sonetics Corp$8,874.562
Soulard Plumbing Supply$5.201
Sound Connect$3,366.114
South County Industrial supply$213.112
South Side Roofing$137,992.499
Sperian Protection Americas, Inc.$575.001
SSM Cardinal Glennon Childrens Hospital$400.001
SSM Executive Health$79,177.5012
SSM HEalth$986.671
SSM Medical Group$228.001
St Charles County Fire Academy$200.004
St Johns Mercy Medical Cnter$6,861.658
St Louis County Treasurer$1,093.0015
St Louis American$1,517.622
St Louis Are Maps INC$713.901
St Louis Auto Detail$150.001
St Louis Automatic Sprinkler Co$21,517.0036
St Louis CISM Association$40.001
St Louis Country$295.005
St Louis County Department of Public Works$140.001
St Louis County Special Operation Team$2,250.004
St Louis Department of Health$158.001
St Louis Department of Public Health$352.601
St Louis Design$750.001
St Louis Embroidery$44,746.05360
St Louis Hazmat Emergency Response Team$250.001
St Louis Metropollitan Fire Marshal Associat$80.001
St Louis Roofing$1,630.001
St Lous County Fire Academy INC$8,100.003
St, Louis County Special Operations Team$500.001
St. Charles Ambulance District$775.505
St. John Mercy Healthcare$3,241.448
St. John's Mercy Health Care$2,716.354
St. John's Mercy Medical Center$3,374.499
St. Louis Automatic Sprinkler$6,375.507
St. Louis County Election Board$76,513.284
St. Louis County Collector of Revenue$4,336.221
St. Louis County Department of Public Works 2194$149.001
St. Louis County Department of Revenue$7,456.092
St. Louis County Fire Academy$16,100.004
St. Louis County Hazmat Emergency Response$250.001
St. Louis County Treasurer$179.002
St. Louis County Treasurer 4718$28.001
St. Louis Metropolitan Fire Marshals Assoc$400.001
St. Louis Roofing Co Inc$280.001
St. Louis Safety Inc.$1,462.4821
St. Luke's Workplace Health$590.804
St. Lukes Hospital$250.001
Stacy and Daniel Fitzhenry$185.001
Standard Insurance Co.$303,669.78303
Staples Business Advantage$260.244
Starbeam Supply Co.$8,152.3875
Stella Vladimirov$100.401
Stephanie Martinez$10.001
Stephanie Midyett$25.001
Stephen Hahn$50.001
Stephens Publishing company$5,944.315
Stericycle, Inc$21,984.6243
Steve Heine$150.003
Steve Kell$7,223.2111
Steve Kirdy$100.002
Steve Starck$50.001
Steve Warlick$1,107.001
Steven Hampton$95.021
Steven Joey Newton$1,550.611
Stock & Assoc. Consulting Engineers, Inc.$105.001
Stryker Sales Corporation$113,047.9429
Subscription Services$1,069.255
Summit Commercial Real Estate Development & Invest$42.001
Sun Rental, Inc.$560.002
Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.$11,600.002
Susan Sagarra$1,695.003
Susan Williams$229.081
Sylvia Gerdes$28.311
SystemAire Inc$279.002
SystemAire, Inc.$57,799.3436
Target Bank$3,795.4013
Task Force Tips$409.571
Taz Meyer$200.001
Tech Electronics, Inc.$527,227.6170
Tech Support, Inc.$12,762.5021
Technicote INC$14,590.004
Tenna Manning$304.161
Terminal Supply Co$30.941
The Backstoppers$450.001
The Big Blessing$203.001
The CAD Zone$209.001
The Cincinnati Ins Company$1,011.001
The Drain Team$1,204.005
The Edelen Co. Inc.$75,278.72167
The EZGO Division of Textron Inc.$8,511.861
The Lowenbaum Partnership, L.L.C.$33,680.0018
The Ohio National Life Ins. Co.$33,895.5979
The Will-Burt Company$6,689.318
The Work Center$16,115.0015
The Youth Comapny$680.451
Theresa Knoblauch$108.401
Thomas Beauchamp Sr.$250.002
Thomas L. Beauchamp II$200.001
Thomas Russell$200.004
Thomas Vineyard$264.001
Thomas weaver$40.001
Thornton Door LLC$3,998.123
Tim Kolb$6,675.006
Tim Merkel$35,669.0216
Tim Troup$13,320.0016
Timber Country Products$587.301
Timber County Products Landscape Supply Farm$624.251
Timber County Products Landscape supply Frm$595.951
Tire Shredders Unlimited$322.008
TNVC Inc$3,180.001
Tom Cullen$185.861
Tom Naughton$7,854.0090
Tom Vineyard$264.001
Tommy Beachamp$1,313.005
TOPS unlimited$1,598.002
Toshi Hoku$73.061
Towers Fire Apparatus Co.$58,764.2330
Trace Analytics, Inc.$5,088.109
Tractor-Trailer Supply Co.$5,956.7925
Tracy Scott$2,575.001
Treadmill Heroes$119.001
Treasurer of St. Louis County$26.411
Trey Thomure$75.952
Tri - County Training Consortium$75.001
Trident Rescue$725.002
Truck Center$1,976.535
Truck Pro$1,750.742
Turnout Rental$560.002
U.S. Postal Service (Neopost Postage-On-Call)$10,465.869
UHC Services$789.601
UMB Bank$622,115.503
UMB Bank NA - Trust Fees Dept$287.381
United Healthcare$13,515,546.24606
United Healthcare /Springfield SVC CTR$415.501
United Healthcare/Springfield small group$181.371
United Laboratories$434.133
United Rentals$1,896.081
United Systems$75.001
United Systems Technology Inc$4,117.382
United Systems Technology, Inc.$30,929.9017
University of Missouri-Columbia$920.003
University of Missouri-Columbia AR$32,105.0021
UPF - United Plastic Fabrications$711.311
US Postal Service - CMRS$7,200.009
US Postmaster$54,407.3613
USA Mobility Wireless, Inc.$264.082
Vadim Krnitskiy$1,805.0018
Valtec Hydraulics Inc.$1,570.715
Vatterott, Harris, Devine & Kwentus$16,815.604
Vehicle Improvement Products$8,503.282
Verlo Mattress Factory Stores of St. Charles$6,471.003
Vermeer Sales & Service$1,979.1633
Vernon Sells$300.001
Vertical Vision LLC$10,000.002
Very Truly Yours$67.501
Victor Clarence Jr$71.391
Victor Geerts$397.501
Vidacare Corporation$15,289.1811
Vince Wood$225.003
Vincent Bazzoni$1,337.5013
Virginia L. Long$113,036.25323
Virginia Long$5,546.5022
Vitaid Ltd.$560.001
Vogal Heating and Cooling$2,700.001
Voice Pro$5,562.507
VSP Construction$285.001
W.W. Grainger$2,110.939
Walmart Community /GEMB$7,489.93110
Waste Connections of Missouri$1,104.107
Wayne Laughlin$426.001
Weber Chevrolet$48,241.5439
Weber Fire and Safety$656.608
Wellington Environmental$11,239.0012
Welsch Heating$12,112.004
West County EMS& Fire Protection District$273.552
West County Radiology$41.001
West County Radiology GRP$178.722
West Interacrtive Services Corporation$1,200.001
West Side Service Group$185.002
Westin Crown Center Hotel - Kansas City$506.921
Wex Bank$112,703.14123
WHP Training Towers$6,061.203
William 'Bill' Stern$93,601.602
William Bill Long$433.631
William Lampros$346.071
Wireless USA$2,312.1810
Wisconsin Physicians Service$341.421
Wise Safety & Environmental$688.473
Witmer Public Safety Group$38,650.3494
Woodard Cleaning & Restoration Services$35,036.4421
Woods Mill Pest Control$600.008
Woods Service Company$1,262.501
Woodsmill Anesthesia, Inc.$52.221
Working Fire Training/WF Gear products sales$1,486.003
World Wide Technology, Inc.$78,054.0465
WPS Medicare Part B$922.163
Zach Fuchs$1,457.4311
Zep Sales & Service$19,365.3337
Zoll Medical Corporation$165,848.73176
Total $47,762,368.10 27,569